Tozers: uniting teams and building a stronger business

Tozers is one of the oldest law firms in the South West. While the business had expanded across three offices, the brand and culture had not kept up with the pace of change. Tozers wanted to unite their teams with a shared vision for the future and an understanding of what makes them unique. And they wanted to express this through a more contemporary, digital-first identity.

Ultimately, they knew focusing on these areas would help them to retain and attract talent and clients alike, while supporting the long-term growth of the business.


ranked number 1 for client feedback on
Recognised in the Legal 500 as a ‘Top Firm’ for client service
Net Promoter Score (NPS) increase
Without AB’s brand work, it would have been very difficult to make the progress we’ve made in the last year. It helped to focus and align the leadership and actions of the business, which in turn has made our people feel valued, and part of something bigger that’s going somewhere. We’re more confident and prouder of who we are, and the future is looking bright.
Alex Mackie, Commercial Director

Getting under the skin of the business

To understand what makes Tozers unique we wanted to get as many perspectives as possible. We spoke to clients from every corner of the business, from the recently signed to the longstanding and from corporate to medical negligence. We got a sense of why these clients selected Tozers and the value the law firm offered above others.

Similarly, we ran working sessions with employees from each of the offices and across the teams. During these sessions we got a deep understanding of what it is like to work there – the good bits and the not-so-good bits.

Fuelled by the insights from these different perspectives, we worked closely with the senior leaders to build a picture of where the business wanted to be in 10 years. Together we also explored some of the things that were holding it back.

Uniting teams, rekindling pride

At the core of the project was an opportunity to shift mindsets within the business. People in different teams and locations would be united by a common vision for the future. By establishing a clear purpose and set of values, Tozers wanted to foster a more empowering and open culture that instilled pride in employees. Encouragingly, there was a strong appetite for change across the business.

Thoughtful legal partners

‘Thoughtful legal partners for a changing world’ is the new idea that now sits at the heart of the business. It was built from the insight that Tozers’ clients don’t just want to work with the best lawyers. They want to work with the best lawyers that understand their world, make them feel valued, and think long-term. And in contrast to what often feels like a cold, clinical and corporate legal industry, that’s exactly what Tozers’ teams provide, every day.

This idea provided a clear lens for reviewing everything the business was doing and planned to do, internally and externally. By turning the words into actions that are felt by clients and employees, the business has fostered pride in – and ownership of – the new brand.

A golden thread

The idea of thoughtful legal partners was brought into a modernised identity system that built on the past but is now fit for the future. The purple that’s synonymous with the brand was enhanced to be more vibrant in digital environments. Textures were added to allow for greater expression. Photography captured a more human connection with real employees. Their tone of voice brought out their thoughtful side. And the ‘golden thread’ was introduced to help the brand communicate beyond words.

What happened next?

For the first time, Tozers were recognised in the Legal 500 as a ‘Top Firm’ for client service. This is a positive accolade that cannot be applied for and is decided by researchers when reviewing the firm’s performance. Tozers were one of only eight law firms in the greater South West to be listed.

Reviews on have seen them ranked Number One nationally for positive client feedback.

The coronavirus pandemic had a big impact on office culture, forcing employees to work at home. But with their new vision and values in place, the business was able to react fast and communicate with teams transparently. Tozers engaged teams in the decision-making process, being thoughtful partners to each other as well as their clients.

The impact of this work can be seen in their internal Net Promoter Score (NPS). The score, which shows how likely staff are to recommend working there to a friend, increased from 15 to 60 in the second half of 2020.