Tozers is a law firm with a rich history. Founded in 1785, the firm now has 165 employees working from offices in Exeter, Newton Abbot and Teignmouth. Over recent years, Tozers had underinvested in its brand and marketing and was starting to feel the effects. We partnered with them to reinvigorate their brand. We gave them a clear direction for the future, helping them to stand out in the market.

The Challenge

Across the business, it was felt that Tozers was becoming less visible. Competitors were investing more in brand and marketing tactics and the firm was getting left behind. Further, employees were unsure about what the business stood for and what differentiated them.

A key objective of the work was to unify employees and reignite their sense of pride in the business, as well as help it to compete for new talents in a competitive marketplace.

Our Response

In order to understand what made Tozers special, it was important to spend time with a breadth of people from across the business. We worked closely with the senior leadership, members from different teams, as well as clients to understand their perceptions of the brand. Additionally, we created an internal survey designed to give all of their people a voice in the process and provide us rich insights into the firm’s culture.

These insights helped us to develop a single articulation of what makes Tozers unique. It highlighted that Tozers people were more than just excellent lawyers. They went further for their clients and for each other. In a world that doesn’t always show its human side, it led us to the idea that they are thoughtful partners for a changing world. This concept of thoughtful partnership was isolated as an idea that can guide them internally, as well as provide a clear signpost to the world of what to expect from Tozers.

After sharing the notion with the senior leadership and employees, we began work to refresh the identity to express this articulation of what made them special. We gave the brand a more human and personal feel, creating a symbol of change and commitment to the future.

The Impact

This work has begun to unite the business with a common purpose and sense of self. The initial response from the internal teams at Tozers has been one of pride. Employees are excited that the business is moving forward in a positive way.

We’re thrilled to have given Tozers the mindset and tools to continue their journey with confidence.