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Video production

Create engaging film campaigns across a variety of media platforms.

With more and more people watching video content online, video production remains a key priority for marketers in their digital campaigns.

However, making high quality video content is not an easy task. There’s the creative direction, strategy, shooting, editing and production to consider, as well as ensuring the length and size of your content is right for your chosen platforms. This is where AB can help to take the strain off you.

We can work with you to design and produce all your video needs, so you can achieve your goals and use video as an integral part of your marketing comms. From promotional videos, animations, YouTube adverts and TV commercials, we’ll help you to find the approach for your audience.

We can help you to:

  • Build a video strategy
  • Create engaging video content for your campaigns
  • Manage the production process
  • Edit existing footage
  • Create unique concepts for your video content

Developing ideas that connect with people

When creating new video concepts, our talented team apply creative thinking and practical expertise to your brief. We use consumer and market insight to create ideas for animation, live action, VR or 3D. Our compelling concepts are designed to meet your budget, schedule and objectives.

Getting the right message to the right people, at the right time

A strategic approach is vital when it comes to filming. And everything we produce is backed up by a strategic plan. We make sure that your video content is seen, discussed and shared – not just made.

Working together, we’ll build an understanding of your aims and objectives, and what you want to achieve through your video content. We’ll research your target audience, analyse their behaviours and recommend the best channels for you to reach them and engage them, making sure you get great return on investment.

Planning, shooting and distributing

We have a whole range of talented filmmakers, animators, editors and producing partners at our fingertips, ensuring we line up the perfect team for your campaign.

From start to finish, we’ll manage the entire production process for you, from assembling the right team and overseeing shoots to editing footage and sourcing accompanying music. For TV adverts and commercials, we’ll also navigate the approval process with Clearcast for you, from script submission through to the final clocked masters. We can also organise media buying for TV and radio.

Why work with AB?

We’re a team of curious, creative thinkers and we know the power of video content. Whether you’re planning on launching a big budget TV ad campaign or need some exciting new video content for your social media platforms, we are well-placed to help you achieve your objects.

Let us help with your next filming project – contact our team today.

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