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Brand guidelines

Consistent use of your brand is key when building awareness. Find out how AB can help.

Once you’ve developed a strong visual brand identity and assets, you need to make sure they’re being used consistently across all touch-points.

And that’s where brand guidelines can help you. Brand guidelines are what holds your brand together, and what keeps people from using an old version of your logo or the incorrect font on your assets. Think of your guidelines as your branding bible.

Our talented team of designers are experienced in creating brand guidelines for a variety of companies. Whether you’re just starting out on your brand journey or you’re looking to overhaul your existing guidelines in anticipation of a re-brand, we’re here to help you.

We can help you to:

  • Create a new brand and brand guidelines from scratch
  • Formally document your existing brand guidelines
  • Audit your existing guidelines and re-branding

Creating new brand guidelines

When you’re just starting out, coming up with a visual identity can feel overwhelming. Don’t worry; we can help you create a full set of brand guidelines from scratch.

Within these guidelines, we’ll consider what you want your company to represent and how your brand can be applied across various customer and employee touch-points.

These designs will build in flexibility to work across other tools or products you might develop in the future. We’re all about growth and we want to give you the tools to help your brand grow with you!

Documenting existing guidelines

Perhaps you already have some vague rules around branding… but nothing officially documented. We can work with you to produce a set of guidelines that clearly communicate your branding, that are suitable for both internal and external use.

These guidelines will include correct usage of your logo, colour palette, typeface, other visual assets and more.

Editing guidelines after a rebrand

A rebrand often requires a new visual identity. This could be as simple as a few small tweaks made to your existing brand guidelines or a complete overhaul. However big the rebrand, we’re here to help.

We’ll take a look at your existing guidelines and give them a refresh, incorporate new logos, corporate colours and any changes to your company typeface, ensuring that they’re ready to be rolled out across all touch-points.

Why work with AB?

We love helping both local and international brands get themselves noticed. No matter if we’re creating new branding and guidelines for a start-up or breathing new life into the identity of a long-established brand, we’re passionate about helping companies to grow and achieve great things.

Our team of designers and brand strategists can quickly get to work and create clear brand documentation for your business to ensure your brand is being used correctly and consistently across all channels.

Reach out to learn more about our brand work – our team has everything you need to get started.

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