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Data visualisation

Transform your approach to data and get real-time insights.

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Getting access to data is one thing. Making sense of it is another. At AB, we can help you do both.

Imagine if accessing your business or marketing data was simple. You’d no longer have to spend time battling outdated systems and clunky siloed databases. You wouldn’t need to rely on anecdotal evidence of your customers’ needs. Instead, you’d make decisions based on insight-ready data – in just a few clicks.

Our team of data experts are passionate about helping you collate and use the right data for your business. We’ll work with you to understand what data your business collects, holds and needs.

Together, we can create the right solution for your business to help you make data-driven decisions based on real-time insights.

Specifically, we can help you to:

  • Migrate existing website content and data to new servers, CRM systems, and bespoke systems
  • Set up data reports, dashboards and visualisations tailored to your stakeholders
  • Adapt existing APIs or build new ones to integrate or provide data

Data reports



Migrating your data and content

To make sense of your data, it helps to have it all in the same place. That’s why we help to migrate and gather your data within one modern system that visualises the information you and your stakeholders need.

Whether it’s a new server, a CRM system or a bespoke system, migrating your data to one secure environment will make it easier for you to see the bigger picture.

bespoke business applications

Creating data reports, dashboards and visualisations

Visualisation can help you to understand the impact of your marketing campaigns and identify patterns and trends, using real-time data.

We’ll collate data from multiple sources in to an easy-to-understand format that’s tailored to you. We can also customise this format so that different teams can see the data that matters to them, in a way they can interpret.

Using data visualisation and our campaign reporting tool, you can manage your marketing campaigns and provide clear, easy-to-understand reports to your senior stakeholders. You can also use these insights to influence your future campaigns.

A reporting dashboard on a screen

Bring together your data

Improve your business’ performance by bringing together all your data into one system that’s customised to fit your needs. Data integration will also help you to comply with GDPR rules, reduce the need for manual data entry and find the information you need quickly and easily.

When planning your data integration, we’ll develop an understanding of your pain points, risks and concerns and create a bespoke system that’s future-proof and easy for you to use.

Why work with AB?

We love empowering businesses to make data-driven decisions. And with a team of data pros experienced in working with a wide range of companies and industries, we have the expertise needed to lead your next project.

Want to find out how big data can transform your business? Have a chat with our data experts today.

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