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A beginner’s guide to Amazon Ads

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Amazon is one of the largest online retailers and technology providers, with over 310 million active users globally. With such a massive and highly engaged audience, it is no surprise that Amazon Advertising has become a thriving digital marketplace.

But did you know Amazon Advertising isn’t just for e-commerce brands and can be hugely successful for all businesses?

What is Amazon Advertising?

Amazon Advertising provides the ability to advertise your products and services on a full range of Amazon platforms. These platforms extend far beyond the online e-commerce site, and include a range of TV, audio and video platforms such as Kindle, Prime Video, Alexa News, Twitch and many more.

What are the advantages of Amazon Advertising?

Amazon Advertising offers a variety of benefits to grow your online presence and drive sales.

The platform provides cost-effective access to a large audience, offering amazing opportunities to reach new potential customers. The audience on Amazon is also very engaged, with many people ready to make a purchase there and then!

The platform’s targeting capabilities allow you to reach these potential customers with the right products at the right time, and Amazon’s trusted reputation enhances the credibility of advertised products. This credibility creates confidence and increases the likelihood of purchase, making it a great option to incorporate in your paid marketing strategy.

What types of Amazon Ads are there?

There are many different ad types on Amazon to suit different businesses and objectives.

1. Sponsored Products

If you want to promote a product you are selling on Amazon, Sponsored Products are for you! These ads promote individual product listings on Amazon, targeting relevant keywords and products. A standout benefit of these ads is that they will only appear when the advertised item is in-stock, reducing the risk of wasted budget or a poor customer journey.

2. Sponsored Brands

Are you selling multiple products on Amazon and looking to promote your brand? Sponsored Brands ads help customers discover your brand and showcase a variety of your products, driving traffic to your Store or product detail pages.​

3. Sponsored Display

What if you aren’t selling products on Amazon? Sponsored Display ads are a form of display advertising suitable for all businesses, whether you sell on the Amazon store or not. ​Simply choose which products to advertise if you sell on the Amazon store or select a landing page if you don’t.

4. Stores

Stores offer an immersive, multi-page experience to introduce audiences to your brand, mission and products.​ Stores help shoppers to explore your full range of products with your own branded URL on Amazon.​ You can design the pages to align with your brand and spotlight your best-selling products.

5. Video Ads

If you are looking to reach a wide audience, Amazon DSP offers both Streaming TV and Online Video ads. Streaming TV ads appear before, during or after streaming content on platforms including Prime Video, Amazon Freevee, Twitch and more. Online Video ads can appear both in-stream and out-stream on Amazon owned or third-party websites across desktop, mobile and tablet.

6. Audio Ads

The Amazon DSP audience can also be reached using 10-to-30-second Audio ads, which play during audio content.​ This allows you to tell your brand story across platforms including Amazon Music, Alexa News, Kindle and more. A benefit of these ads is that listeners can reply to Alexa with call-to-actions, such as adding an item to their basket or setting a reminder without disrupting their streaming audio content.

Think Amazon Ads might be right for your business?

Whatever your business, Amazon Advertising can be a successful platform for reaching relevant audiences throughout the marketing funnel.

If you are interested in seeing how you can advertise on Amazon, please get in touch.

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