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Marketing strategy

Transform your business with a rock-solid marketing strategy.

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Your marketing strategy forms the foundation for all future marketing activities. It’s your plan of action and will plot out how your brand will achieve its goals for a given period of time.

You should think of your marketing strategy as your statement of intent. As such, it’s pretty important to get it right. This is where AB can help.

We’re passionate about helping companies (just like yours) to devise clear, focused and measurable strategies to shape your future marketing activities. Bringing a wealth of multi-sector experience to the table, we approach every strategic challenge with fresh eyes, curiosity and a desire to go above and beyond.

We can help you to:

  • Formulate and write your marketing strategy from scratch
  • Tune up or redirect an existing strategy
  • Address particular issues within your business
  • Define your key success metrics

Digging deep

We start each project by working closely with you to uncover the challenges you’re facing. We’ll immerse ourselves in your business, asking the right questions so we can pin down exactly what’s keeping you from smashing your goals.

With this shared understanding, we then make strategic recommendations and move forwards as a unified team to help put these solutions into action.

An outsider’s perspective on your existing marketing strategy

Sometimes it helps to have an extra pair of eyes on an existing marketing strategy or challenge. We can provide more of a contextual point of view that isn’t so easy to achieve when you are working solely within the organisation, or in a specific sector.

A tailored process to fit your business

When it comes to developing marketing strategies for our clients, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We recognise that every business is different, with unique needs. That’s why, depending on your own aims and objectives, we’ll tailor our processes to suit you.

Why AB?

Put simply, we believe in collaboration, with our wonderful customers and our teams. And, with plenty of experience and skill-sets all under one roof, we’re perfectly-positioned to develop well-informed marketing strategies for your business as efficiently as possible.

Need some help developing a marketing strategy for your business? Contact us today to find out how we can help.

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This falls into ‘digging deep’ stage described above. Built into all of our strategic planning processes is the immersion and insight mining, where we ensure that we are up to speed with the latest thinking, insights and influential trends that would affect your product/brand/service and target audience.

No, but we do work closely with experts that we bring in (or are introduced to).

KPIs are assigned on a case by case basis – they’ll always be specific to the objectives and ambitions of your marketing strategy as a whole.

We will manage the process, ensuring that your marketing strategy is delivered in a timely, efficient manner. In that sense, we take full responsibility for it. However, in terms of the actual ownership of the project, we like to view the process as jointly owned. After all, we want to work with you to produce the best strategy for your business.

As involved as you would like (or feel comfortable being). Some of our clients like to be very hands on, working in direct partnership with us to create their strategies. Others would prefer to brief us, then leave us to do the work and then re-engage when we present our recommendations. It’s totally up to you!

It depends – this is because all our work is costed on a tailor-made, individual basis. Creating a marketing strategy is no different. Once we get an idea of what you’re looking for, we can provide costings; we like to be as flexible and realistic as possible. We can tailor what we deliver to specific budgets and will always be honest and transparent about costs.

As long as it takes. We like to work collaboratively with you during every step of developing your marketing strategy. From the initial meeting and scoping discussion, it might take a couple of weeks to create a strategy that everyone is happy with. But we have done it quicker. It varies from company to company.

Every business or organisation should consider a marketing strategy! While there are a number of key elements included in a marketing strategy (for example, objectives, budgets, timing and core insight information), there are no set rules about length, language used or format. Your marketing strategy is totally unique to your brand and that’s how we like to work.

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