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Communications strategy

Connect with your audience in the most effective way possible.

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What your business has to say is important. But what’s also important is how you say it. Your communications strategy plots how your brand will connect and engage with your target audience.

AB can help you to build a communications strategy that makes it clear what your brand is, what it wants to say, who it wants to talk to and why it matters.

We get a real kick out of developing communications strategies that bring your brand and proposition to life, making them real for your audience. Our experienced team will help you design your entire approach to communications, carefully selecting messaging by channel, including media recommendations.

We can help to:

  • Create a communications strategy from scratch
  • Offer a fresh point of view on an existing communications strategy
  • Build both internal and external comms strategies – depending on your needs

Getting to the nitty-gritty

We’re not fans of disappearing for weeks after receiving the brief and coming back to you with an answer. From day one, we’ll actively involve you in the strategising process. We like to dig deep, which we’ll do by researching your brand, target audience, and competitors, before discussing initial thoughts with you in a workshop.

Working closely with you at every stage, we’ll use insights from the workshop to create a campaign framework, customer journeys and a channel strategy. We’ll explore potential activation ideas, create a content plan and establish success metrics. Most importantly, we’ll keep revisiting, refining and learning.

Bringing your strategy to life

Not only can we help you write your communications strategy, we can also help to put it into action. This is where we rally our in-house content, digital marketing and web teams to plan the specific tactics we recommend using to engage and connect with your target customers.

The result? A completely informed, well-rounded communications action plan.

A flexible approach to communications

We don’t have a rigid process when it comes to communications strategies; every business is unique, which is why we tailor our approach to make sure it works best for you. Whether you want us to get involved throughout your whole journey or just need some help to identify areas where your existing comms plan is falling short, we can scale our offering to match your needs.

Why AB?

We don’t believe in working in silos. Our teams take a collaborative approach, which means we can create communications strategies that are not only on-brand and informed by the latest thinking; they’re also totally achievable for your business. This means you’re getting maximum input (and maximum value).

Need some help developing a communications strategy? Let us help you connect with your audience.


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KPIs will always be specific to the objectives and ambitions of your communications strategy. They’ll also be determined by the nature of the assets used and comms channels selected.

We’ll take ownership of the nitty gritty, making sure that your communications strategy is delivered within the agreed timescales and within budget. But we like to work in partnership with you to jointly own the project.

You can decide this – we’re happy whether you want to be involved during every step of the journey or if you want to simply sit back and leave us to get on with things. Whatever suits you best!

Costs will be determined once we have an idea of the scope of work and your requirements. We like to tailor our processes to suit your business and our costs reflect that. We will always be honest, transparent and where possible, flex our services to suit your budgets.

Yes and we do for many of our clients.

As long as it takes. We like to work in collaboration with our clients, so from the initial meeting and scoping discussion, it might take a couple of weeks to create a strategy that everyone is happy with. But, we have done it quicker. It all depends on the situation, expectations, circumstances…

We strongly believe that every business needs a communications strategy, no matter how big or small! Your communications strategy dictates how, when and where you’re speaking to your target audience. You need to be sure that they’re hearing what you have to say!

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