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How a new brand identity united teams to build a stronger business


Tozers is one of the oldest law firms in the South West. But while the business had expanded across three offices, the Tozers identity had not kept up with the pace of change. Tozers wanted a modern, new identity to help unite their teams, grow and retain talent and build a successful business for their clients.

Getting under the skin of the business

We worked with employees and stakeholders from across the business. We interviewed a range of staff to find out what makes Tozers unique and what’s special about working there. We also sought their views on what could be improved to attract the region’s best talent and improve the offer to their clients.

Employees in each location valued Tozers’ supportive and friendly culture, ethical approach, unique heritage and expertise. But they believed the firm lacked a vision for the future and felt that the firm was perceived as old-fashioned. Employees also needed support to break down silos between different teams and office locations.

Uniting teams, rekindling pride

The brand project was an opportunity to shift mindsets within the business. A new identity would unite people in different teams and locations, and provide direction for the future. Together we could foster a culture of transparency and empowerment that instilled pride in employees. Encouragingly, there was a strong appetite for change from across the business.

We analysed all the feedback we gathered from stakeholder interviews, competitor reviews, the company values and sector research. Clear themes emerged, which we transformed into potential new directions for the brand supported by evidence and insight.

We developed brand identities to show how each direction could be expressed to the world. Applications included a new website, publications and on site at each Tozers office.

“Thoughtful legal partners”

The team chose the theme of thoughtful legal partners for a changing world.

Fostering pride and a sense of ownership for the new brand among employees was critical to the project’s success. We suggested practical ways to present the concepts to the business, and demonstrated tangible next steps to allow the brand to build and support a new culture over the coming months and years.

What happened next?

In spite of the coronavirus pandemic forcing employees to work alone at home, employees overwhelmingly reported a strengthened sense of collaboration and teamwork as a result of the new brand identity.

The identity was applied to Tozers’ new website and digital channels. The impact can be seen not only in the designs but in user-friendly, client-facing functionality such as a live chatbot.

The firm has continued to expand, recruiting positions for its offices in Exeter and Newton Abbott in 2021. They are using our new expression of what it means to work at Tozers to attract the finest applicants.



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