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User experience

Map out your user journey and improve the usability of your website.

“What the heck are UX and UI and why do they matter to my business?” we hear you ask? We don’t blame you for being confused; the world of web and digital marketing can sometimes feel like acronym overload!

Put simply, User Experience (UX) refers to a person’s emotions and feelings about their complete experience with your company, including its website, services, products and processes. User Interface (UI), on the other hand, refers to the appearance or presentation of a website, including colours, layout, typography, and other design elements.

But why is this important? Put simply, a bad user experience can put off potential new customers – and can even affect your SEO rankings and your Google Ads quality score. That’s why our Web and Digital teams prioritise it when working on your website.

We combine our digital, design and development skills to look at all aspects of UX, making sure that your website is easy-to-navigate and provides a stellar experience for your visitors. All websites we develop are built with the end-user in mind, introducing a clean UI and making sure your pages are optimised for conversions.

Specifically, we can help you with:

  • UX research
  • Information architecture and wireframes
  • Design and build
  • User testing
  • Conversion rate optimisation

Conducting UX research

We’ll start at the very beginning by taking a look at your current approach; is it working for your users? Digging deep into your existing data, we’ll then use tools like Google Analytics, website heatmaps and customer interviews to develop an understanding of your users’ motivations, challenges, goals and needs.

Using these insights, we’ll come up with a series of recommendations and redefine ways of optimising the customer journey.

Building information architecture and wireframes

Before making any design changes to your site, we’ll build an information architecture and create wireframes of your website pages.

These wireframes will act as an illustration of your user interface and will contain all the components we recommend to improve your user experience. We’ll work together to prioritise elements on the page and map out where your content will sit.

Designing and building your website

Once we’ve worked with you to build wireframes that deliver a great user experience, it’s time to work our design magic and bring them to life. Keeping the end-user in mind at all times, our designers will create slick, thoughtfully-designed pages that create a positive impression of your brand.

Once you’re happy, we’ll then get to work on your site build. Or, if you have an in-house development team, we can send them the design files – whatever is easiest for you.

Performing user testing

Testing is a huge part of any UX project.

Our team will get to the bottom of any problems or bugs on your site and make sure all processes are simple, easy-to-follow and free of any confusion.

Improving your conversion rate optimisation

Your website design doesn’t just need to provide a good user experience; we also want it to convert your users into qualified leads. This is where conversion rate optimisation comes in.

We’ll identify any problem areas on your site that might be causing leaks in your funnel. This could be small design amendments, technical changes, updates to navigation…anything that might be causing your users not to take the desired action.

Once we’ve agreed on changes to make, we’ll make the updates and perform A/B tests to put our hypotheses and research to the test. Using this data, we can continue to build knowledge and insight into your users and their behaviour.

Why AB?

UX is all about combining the three Ds – Digital, Design and Development. Luckily, our in-house teams cover all three of these areas!

We use these skills to produce slick user experiences that make your website a great place to visit. We’re also a friendly, flexible bunch; each one of our customers is different, so we like to listen and take a consultative approach, making sure you’re completely happy with our suggestions before getting started.

Contact us today to learn more about our UX solutions and discuss your website goals.

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How good (or bad) your User Experience (UX) is often dictates how long people stay on your website for. A good UX can increase conversions, improve accessibility and satisfy your audience, whereas a poor UX can lead to the opposite.

It depends on what you’re trying to achieve. If you’re after a UX audit, it would depend on the size of your website. If you’d like us to make the technical and design changes to improve the UX of your website, costs would depend on the results of the audit and scope of work. We’ll always provide you with costings after an initial discussion.

Of course! We’ve worked with several businesses who have in-house development resource that like to implement their own changes. We’ll produce a document containing observations and recommendations from a UX audit, which you can action yourself or ask us to action.

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