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Tone of Voice

Bring your brand’s personality to life with AB’s tone of voice services.

It’s not just what your company says that’s important; it’s how you say it. And you need to make sure that how you’re speaking to your audience is consistent across all channels of communication.

Developing and documenting your brand’s tone of voice ensures this consistency – meaning everyone from your company is on the same page.

Our tone of voice services help you explore what makes your brand unique and how that should be communicated in your voice. This will help to engage your audience and set you apart from your competitors.

Defining your tone of voice is ideal for companies in growth mode (to help them scale up seamlessly) or those undergoing a re-brand (to inject some fresh life into their comms).

We can help you to:

  • Discover the defining aspects of your voice by running a tone of voice workshop
  • Create consistently written communications by documenting your new guidelines
  • Adapt existing copy across all channels to reflect your new tone of voice

Running your tone of voice workshop

We’ll run a workshop with key stakeholders in your business to nail down your values and outline the qualities that need to shine through in your tone of voice. The more members of your team we get involved, the more representative your tone of voice as a whole.

Using this insight, we’ll put together guiding principles to shape your tone of voice moving forwards.

Documenting your new tone of voice

To make sure your voice is consistent across all comms, we’ll create an engaging tone of voice guide for your whole company. Your employees can then refer to this when drafting any communication to make sure it’s in keeping with your brand and values.

We’ll cover the guidelines and provide examples of correct and incorrect usage to help you roll out your new tone of voice.

Adapting existing copy

Once you’ve established your new tone of voice, auditing your existing content and communications to make sure they reflect your guidelines can be time-consuming. This is where we can help you!

We’ll take a look through your existing comms and give them a polish to make sure your company’s new tone of voice shines through in everything you do.

Why work with AB?

We’re a brand and marketing agency; we know exactly what makes brands stand out. How you communicate with your customers plays a huge role in this. Our team of brand strategists and creative copywriters love helping companies to develop their voice to help them clearly communicate what they have to offer and, ultimately, build better relationships with customers.

We’ve helped companies locally and internationally to define their tone of voice – could you be next?

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