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Secure bespoke web design and development

We design and build secure, responsive, optimised and user friendly websites.

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AB has an experienced in-house team of talented designers and developers that can provide the best web solution for you.

We know that website development is about much more than just a visually appealing website. We believe in creating bespoke websites with flexible, intuitive Content Management Systems (CMS), that are tailored to your specific functional requirements and to meet your business’ objectives.

We can work with you to:

  • Create a well-designed, high quality and high performing website
  • Improve your website’s SEO and user experience
  • Create a website that’s environmentally friendly
  • Build intuitive navigation for your website
  • Ensure the website is both secure, fast and reliable

Providing web design for local, national and international clients

Our web design service is highly recommend by our clients. We have over 20 years’ experience building websites for major brands, including CLAAS, PCI Pal, The Guild of Fine Food and The Civil Aviation Authority.

As well as our national and international clients we love working with and designing websites for companies based in the South West of England, such as Gregory Transport, Harrisons, Ocean Fish and TLH Leisure.



Eco friendly

Creative design and user interfaces that work

Your website is your online shop window and can often form the first impression a person has of your company. Not only does it need to look good, it needs to be quick to load, easy to navigate, offer content your audience want to see, and of course be optimised for search engines.

We’re a full service brand and marketing agency; not only can we design and build your website, we can also help with your brand, strategy and marketing. We love nothing more than creating beautiful websites for ambitious companies.

Responsive design

With so many different devices and screen sizes available, it’s important that your website is responsive and looks great on phones, tablets, laptop and desktop screens.

Even if your audience are primarily laptop and desktop users, Google uses mobile first indexing, which means it looks at the mobile version of a website when crawling to decide where the site should appear in search results. This makes it even more important to have a fast responsive website.

We will ensure your site is tested on various screen sizes and that your mobile version is fast and user friendly.

Working in partnership with you

We’ll work closely with you and your team to help define the requirements to ensure what’s delivered is aligned to your business objectives.

However, our partnership won’t end with the launch of a website, it’s just part of the journey. We’ll review data, run workshops, gather feedback, optimise and continue to make or recommend improvements to maintain and grow your online presence and communications.

Support & Maintenance

If you’re new to websites or unfamiliar with managing content, don’t worry; we’ll make sure your site is simple to use and provide training to ensure you’re confident and are able to get the most out of the system. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

Our clients love how responsive, knowledgeable and helpful we are. Whether you need new features added to your website or changes to existing functionality, our website support services will leave you with complete peace of mind.

We also provide ongoing support that can keep your software up-to-date with the latest new releases and security updates.

Integration of APIs and third-party software

Our team of senior developers are highly experienced in working with and creating plugins, open source packages and APIs. This means we can help to expand your website’s functionality and integrate with systems such as Salesforce, Pardot, Hubspot, Mailchimp, WooCommerce, to name just a few.


Not only do we provide all the services of a website design agency but also strategy and brand. This allows us to provide a complete service and deliver the best solutions for our clients.

AB are a professional website agency with years of experience.  You’ll have a dedicated project manager, who’ll work directly with you at every stage of the process to make sure your design communicates the right message to your online audience.

Every project is backed up by a team of highly skilled in-house designers and developers who have extensive experience of creating slick websites for small businesses and large companies. Whether your a B2B or B2C business we have the graphic design and programming skills to deliver you a great looking website.

Our Developers are passionate about building brilliant websites, they are skilled in HTML, CSS and Javascript. We have talented Laravel and WordPress Developers who can use many other programming languages and framework including CakePHP, Python, CodeIgniter, Symfony to name a few and will always chose the correct tool for each job.

Responsive design means a website will work well across various devices and sized screens. This allows the website to give the best user experience no matter what device they are using.  It also means there is no need for supporting and maintaining different versions of a website.

Yes, when building websites AB will use responsive web design and building techniques to make sure it works on smaller screens and mobile devices. The site will use flexible grids so that it works on mobile, tablets, laptop and desktop sized screens.

The government has announced plans to overhaul the law surrounding cookies and cookie policies for websites. As that change in the law may be years away, it remains a legal requirement for websites owners to implement cookie controls.

That’s why we recommend implementing a fully compliant cookie consent policy using OneTrust. Not sure what that is? Our team will explain the pros and cons of such a system and implement it for you, so you have everything you need to launch a legally compliant website.

We’ll back up your website files and databases to the Amazon S3 cloud platform. Storing backups using a separate hosting provider helps to reduce your risk. We take daily differential and weekly full backups, and all backups are maintained for 60 days so we can roll back to previous versions should the need arise. Your whole site will also have snapshot backups at the hosting company.

If there’s ever a problem with your server, our robust disaster recovery process means we can provide and configure a new server very quickly, so any downtime will be limited.

Our servers are proactively monitored in real-time using a variety of tools. In the unlikely event of a problem, our development team is ready to jump in and resolve the issues.

Yes, we can check your site for technical issues as well as load speed and how green your website is. We also can give you recommendations on accessibility and UX.

Creating an engaging website that has video, large images and micro-interactions can have a negative impact on how it performs from a carbon usage point of view. Web development can be a balancing act but something we consider seriously and our custom approach to using WordPress helps improve performance and the carbon footprint. Our specialist hosting providers UK data centre uses 100% renewable energy, as does Cloudflare, the security service we recommend. Read our blog for more info: How environmentally friendly is your website.

We know that improving your website’s SEO is a time-consuming task; it requires continuous analysis and modification to make sure your rankings for particular keywords and phrases don’t drop off. Our team of digital experts are fully-versed in SEO best practice and have lots of SEO tools at hand, with the best insight to make recommendations on how to improve and maintain your site’s ranking.

Yes we have lots of experience in building websites with online stores, please see our ecommerce websites  page for more information.

No, each web page will use bespoke templates so that they only contain the layout and the design elements needed for the purpose of the page. Pre-built themes and templates are commonly restrictive, over bloated, resource intensive, SEO unfriendly and have limited support offered.

Yes, when it comes to hosting we know it pays to be hosted using safe, fast, secure and reliable servers that won’t be impacted by other websites.

All of our websites are built on bespoke virtual servers, tailored to your website needs, and can be enhanced to facilitate seasonal fluctuations in demand. Depending on your business requirements, your website can be hosted on large single servers or protected from peak high demands behind a load balancer to manage busy periods.

Yes, we will keep your site safe and sound. We configure servers to implement security features such as Secure Certificates, Content Security Policy (CSP), Multi factor Authentication (MFA), Malicious IP Address, Web application firewall (WAF), Cross-site scripts and bot blocking. We also use a specialist provider for Penetration Testing and implement recommendations across our servers and websites.

We take security seriously and are certified Cyber Essentials Plus. This is a government scheme that tests organisations are protected and have secure practices in place. Cyber Essentials Plus is the highest level of certification offered where cyber security experts run scans to make sure the organisation is protected.

AB configure our servers so that the websites cannot write to the file system, except to specific directories (e.g. uploads) which are themselves configured only to serve static files (no script processing).

Because AB setup sites so they cannot update themselves and plugins cannot be installed directly to production servers, this setup also stops any incompatibility issues from automatically affecting sites. The vast majority of hacks happen as a result of security vulnerabilities within plugins. Due to this AB only use a small selection of plugins that are thoroughly tested and also develop themes and plugins in house.

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