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Whether you’re creating an exciting new brand or looking to breathe some fresh life into a long-established brand, AB has got you covered.

Our brand solutions are suitable for companies of all sizes; from start-ups just beginning their journey to large international businesses, we’ll help your brand cut through the noise and stand out.

Brand creation

The early stages of building a brand identity might seem daunting. Don’t worry; our experts can help you on your way to creating an amazing brand.

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Brand guidelines

Your brand needs to be consistent at every touchpoint – and that’s where branding guidelines come in. We’ll help you to audit your existing guidelines or create new ones from scratch.

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Time for a refresh? Even the most reputable brands sometimes need a shiny new look. We’ll help you audit your existing values and re-energise your brand.

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Tone of voice

What your business says is important. But how you say it can be even more important. We’ll work with you to establish a distinct tone of voice that shows what your brand is all about.

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