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Copywriting and content creation

Capture attention and grow your business with our creative copywriting and content services.

Copywriting and content services come in many different shapes and sizes, but one thing remains consistent: writing great copy is essential to help your company stand out in the market.

Writing and publishing copy isn’t a one-off task, though. To maintain engagement with your customers (and ensure your organic rankings remain high on search engines), your content needs to be updated regularly in order to remain fresh and relevant.

We know this can be time consuming and can get overwhelming quite quickly if you don’t know where to start and try to do it all yourself. That’s where we come in.

AB offers a range of copywriting and content services to make sure your company is speaking to your customers (and potential customers) in the most effective way possible.

Specifically, we offer:

  • SEO and website content
  • Blogs and content marketing
  • Digital marketing copy and content strategies (covering social media, email and digital campaigns)
  • Brochures and printed marketing
  • Editing and copy audits

Producing SEO and website content

We can work with you to review and optimise your content so that it’s SEO-friendly.

Whether it’s writing copy for your new website from scratch or refreshing the copy on a single landing page, we’ll make sure your web content is engaging, demonstrates your expertise and, most importantly, encourages conversions.

Creating regular blog posts

One of the best ways to increase your company’s organic search rankings is to add regular, high quality content to your website.

We can help by writing blogs and a wide range of other content that matches your brand’s tone of voice, which can be published on your website and used across other channels (such as social media). This all helps to build the reputation of your business and boost your visibility within search results.

Content strategy and planning

From PPC to social media, we can help you execute digital campaigns with strong content strategies behind them. We’ll create marketing messages across different platforms that align with your objectives to help connect with your target audiences, boost engagement, and build trust with your brand.

We’re used to working on global campaigns, too, so if your digital campaign covers multiple languages, don’t worry – we’ve got you!

Creating brochures and printed marketing copy

Although we now live in a more digitally-dominated world, there’s still a place for printed marketing.

So, from a one-page flyer to copy for your event stand, our in-house wordsmiths can help construct captivating offline content that stands out on print.

Editing and copy audits

Sometimes you just need a fresh pair of eyes on your work, so let us help. We can audit your existing content and highlight what’s working well and what can be added to make it even better.

Looking at your copy, we’ll make sure that it’s in line with your brand voice and reads consistently. We’ll help to trim any unnecessary words, remove jargon and make sure it resonates with your audience. Of course, we’ll also correct any pesky spelling, grammar or punctuation issues.

Why work with AB?

We know the importance of writing winning, persuasive copy that communicates your brand values and engages your audience. With experience of working across multiple industries, our copywriters will act as an extension of your marketing team, helping your business get noticed in a busy marketplace.

Contact us today to learn more about our copywriting services – and tell us more about your company’s ambitions.

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Copywriting is creating the text that’s used across your company’s website and promotional materials. Copy can be a few simple words used in your advertising campaign or thousands of words within a lengthy report.

They’re similar. Copywriting focuses on the text, whereas content encompassed all the elements of your marketing, including text, imagery, video and more.

We can! We love creating blog content. Whether you already have an idea for a blog you’d like us to write for you or you’d like us to research potential topics and titles as part of a wider content plan, we’re here to help.

Of course you can. However, you need to bear in mind that while AI can be useful, it doesn’t recognise nuances in your brand’s tone of voice and you’ll risk sounding robotic.

Content planning is what we love. From strategies and editorial calendars to helping you plan how to repurpose existing content, we can sit down with your business and map out how your next 3-6 months looks.

Absolutely. Maybe you need your website copy optimised for a new tone of voice. Or maybe you’d like us to audit your social media content. Whatever you need, our team of Copywriters and Content Specialists can help you.

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