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Customer Relationship Management

Bring your data and software together

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Need some help managing your customer, leads and sales data? No problem.

We partner with companies to help them understand their customer data and streamline their internal processes. We’re big believers that everything in your business should be working together in the most efficient way possible, reducing your costs and helping your team to work more efficiently.

How can you achieve this? By introducing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

Many companies find that, as they grow, they often adopt different internal systems to cater for their business needs. However, you might notice a time when these different systems are no longer working harmoniously together and this can hamper your plans for further growth.

At AB, we don’t believe in siloed systems. We can support your understanding of the benefits of CRM and what steps you need to take to connect your data and systems.

Specifically, we can help you to:

  • Implement a cloud-based database that connects to other business systems
  • Consolidate your existing databases into one central system
  • Enhance your contact management
  • Automate your data entry
  • Remove duplicate data within your systems
  • Improve your customer journey
  • Improve your customer interactions
  • Remove data silos and the need for lots of spreadsheets




A consultative approach to CRM software

Working closely with your team, we’ll start by getting to know your business inside-out to ensure our recommendations work for you and are robust and future-proof. We do this by talking to staff at every level of your business including sales and marketing teams to finance and operations.

We believe in being a partner rather that just a supplier, which is why we aim to develop an in-depth understanding of the processes and ambitions of your company, as well as what’s important to your teams.

We’ll also perform a technical review of your existing CRM, spreadsheets, manual processes and your other business systems. This will help us discover what already works well (and what doesn’t) to help form the basis of our recommendations.

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Bring your data and software together

We can make your internal processes more efficient by uniting your systems. We’ll help you to connect various pieces of technology in your business, such as CRM, accounting software, and your website, to create a single system.

By consolidating everything into one central system, it’ll ensure that you’re able to view data accurately and make better informed decisions. Securely connecting all your data and setting up the correct user level views allows viewing of unneeded or sensitive data to be hidden.

Improve collaborative work

Having a connected system not only improves the way your teams work together but also helps customer satisfaction and service. Holding and combining all the data together improves security, reduces the risk of errors and means your team are all working with identical, up-to-date information.

Streamline operational processes

Providing you with the correct tools can help to streamline the way your teams work individually and together. Not only does this mean working more efficiently on often time-consuming tasks but it also offers an improved method of working. Your CRM software systems are the key to connect your operations and ways of working together with your data, reporting and planning.

A reporting dashboard on a screen

Increased analytical reporting and insights

Making decisions based on real data and planning for the future is important for any business. Having your data separated and in different systems can make this a long, arduous process. We can help you solve these issues by connecting your data and building the reports you need, in the format you need.

Why AB?

Our team of Developers have significant experience of creating CRM systems for a wide range of businesses. Acting as trusted partners, we take the time to develop a real understanding of your ambitions and build technical solutions to help you achieve your business and growth goals.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a system that connects all your departments and data. Each team and user should have the tools and the access to data they need to do their jobs.  The software allows you to manage the information about your customers and potential customers.  A tailored CRM can give you the strategic advantage you need to grow.

Some of the most important things to consider are:

  • How easy to use is the system?
  • What are the ongoing costs?
  • How flexible is the software?
  • Can you ask for the system to be changed or updated to suit your business?
  • Can you integrate other software?
  • Does the system work for your whole company?

Before choosing a CRM you need to understand what data you have, its location and any gaps. An understanding of your business needs, processes and what can be automated is important. AB can help uncover this information with you, by talking and running workshops with your teams.

Combining disconnected systems and data within one system or into CRM software helps your teams be more collaborative, improve operational processes and improve analytical insights. These in turn will improve your team efficiency, customer service, reporting and decision making.

A custom CRM system that has been built to support the way you work should mean an increase in client retention, faster decision making and increases in sales revenue. It will help you maintain and improve the relationships between your teams and customers.

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