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The Maynard School

A school like no other

Tarnished by stereotypes and snubbed by parents concerned about their children growing up with just girls, single sex education has fallen out of fashion. So when we started working with The Maynard – an Exeter all girls’ school – way back in 2016, our brief was to tackle these misjudged assumptions and showcase the incredible, character-building side to this school.

Our powerful campaign made a huge impact. Voted 2016’s most successful campaign on The Drum, it put The Maynard firmly back on the map.





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From barrier to benefit

Dating all the way back to 1658, The Maynard is one of the oldest and greatest all girls’ schools in the country. Yet its unpretentious, nurturing, fun and challenging approach to learning sets it far apart from other private schools.

Plenty of research shows girls learn differently to boys. Girls feel at home, get better grades and are more likely to thrive in later life when they learn in supportive, encouraging and calm environments.

That’s why The Maynard tailors its curriculum specifically for girls. You’ll find inspiring teachers, lifelong friends and a happy, nurturing atmosphere in every classroom. Girls are given the freedom to flourish and leave as confident young women who go on to do incredible things.

So, using these truths as our inspirational springboard, our creative idea turned the barrier of an all-girls’ education into the school’s greatest asset.

Because The Maynard isn’t just made for girls, it’s the making of them.

Young child playing with goo

Bringing the campaign to life

The #MadeForGirls creative gets out and about, photographing real pupils doing the activities they love. A beautiful print campaign came from this imagery, paired with inspiring copy and strategically targeted across Exeter on billboards, bus shelters, web banners and beyond…

But getting to the heart of how The Maynard helps girls discover their true potential is a complex story – impossible to tell in print alone. So, we shot a video to capture the feeling, mood and compassion of this special school.

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An incredible impact

Thinking tactically, we extensively targeted audiences on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google search to make sure our campaign reached the right people. This was complemented with cinema and YouTube advertising, spreading the powerful message not just around the South-West, but nationwide.

And it sure made an impression, both in Exeter and further afield. The advert had 57,000 YouTube views and was voted The Drum’s most successful campaign of 2016. The Maynard had a record turnout to its open days and saw an 111% increase in girls joining.

Still going strong

Since then, we have evolved the look and feel for the #MadeForGirls campaign to promote The Maynard’s discovery mornings and open days with great success. This year, our strategic marketing made 1,824,827 impressions on Facebook, Instagram and Google ads and had a 60% YouTube full watch rate.

“We’re all so impressed with AB and the way they work. Not only being extremely professional and skilled at what they do, they have been really great to work with – extremely friendly and genuine.”

Joanne Conway – Marketing Manager

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