TLH Leisure Resort

Creating a new website for TLH Leisure Resort to simplify the customer journey and increase online bookings

Increase in users in the first week
Increase in transactions compared to same period in 2019
Increase in Direct booking revenue compared to same period in 2019


The new website is like a breath of fresh air and I can’t stop smiling whilst loading content. It’s modern, clean layout will be much nicer for our users.
Matt White, Digital Marketing Executive, TLH Leisure Resort

TLH Leisure Resort is a privately owned group of four hotels and leisure facilities sharing a single 7-acre site in Torquay, Devon. Not only do they offer accommodation, they also offer a range of other services to the local market, including a luxury spa, pool, gym, bistro and wedding and event hire.

At the end of 2020, TLH was looking to upgrade its website; the previous site had been developed six years ago by the AB team and although it had performed well, it needed a makeover. Once again, TLH approached us to see if we were up to the job.

Of course we were!


TLH weren’t looking to rebrand; they were looking for a refreshed site that offered a great user experience. They pride themselves on providing outstanding customer service, a personal touch and a non-corporate, friendly feel. Their website needed to reflect that.

Their main aims were to:

  • Have one standalone website for their hotels and activities (which had previously been split into multiple sites)
  • Improve the user experience to encourage direct bookings and decrease reliance on Online Travel Agencies (OTAs)
  • Increase revenue by 3% year on year

The new website would also act as a way of showcasing all four hotels in the best possible light and giving TLH more control over how they appeared to customers.

We wanted to make it clear who TLH were as a brand and communicate to visitors that they are more than just ‘hotels’; they offer personality, character and choice. By showcasing the wide range of facilities and activities available when staying at TLH, which are not always apparent when booking with online travel agents, visitors are more inclined to book.


During the Discover and Plan phase of the project, we worked closely with TLH and looked at the following: website profile, migration planning, site mapping, wireframe development and functionality overview. By discussing all these elements, TLH knew exactly what was going to be delivered. This information was then used to brief our designers and developers.

As the new website needed to house several different types of content, our developers built around 25 different page templates to make sure the content was presented in the best possible way that was in keeping with the TLH brand and engaging to visitors.

The site would also be managed by a CMS that made it as easy as possible for the TLH team to update and manage their content. The ease with which new pages and campaign landing pages could be constructed gave TLH the control to build new pages themselves whenever they had new content to feature on the site, rather than relying on a third party to update it for them.


Creating a simple customer journey was vital to getting more direct bookings from customers. AB worked with TLH to provide a simplified break structure for the website, with the ability to create pricing tables and special offers across all four TLH hotels. This made it easy for customers to find the right holiday for them and make a booking.

Booking data obtained from customers via the website could then also be pushed to TLH’s existing third-party booking system, Avvio.


While it’s early days since the launch of TLH’s new website, they’ve already seen positive results. We continue to make optimisations to the website based on data and analytics and provide the team with key insights.

We can’t wait to see TLH Leisure Resort go from strength to strength in the future.