The Maynard School

The Maynard School understands that girls learn differently than boys and require a nurturing, inspiring environment. Our integrated #MadeForGirls advertising campaign across film, cinema, outdoor, digital and social communicated the benefits of an all-girls school to their South West target audience. The campaign was also voted one of 2016’s most successful creative campaigns.


Revive the idea of a girls school as ‘forward thinking’, honing in on how girls learn differently. We were briefed to create an integrated advertising campaign that would breathe new life into the brand and reposition the school.

Campaign Media Impressions
Increase in recruitment
Views On the YouTube film


Over 50,000 views on the film, as well as record turnouts on open days and a 111% increase in student recruitment. A renewed reputation as the most prestigious school in the area.


Digital Marketing / Advertising / Film Production/ Design & Print / Content


A campaign that highlighted why The Maynard School is #MadeForGirls, as well as drilling down to core demographics via targeted digital advertising across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Search & Display. This was complemented through a targeted physical media campaign using print media and cinema advertising to articulate the confidence in the new brand.

We are all so impressed with AB and the way they work. Not only being extremely professional and skilled at what they do, they have been really great to work with - extremely friendly and genuine.
Joanna Conway, Marketing Manager