Paignton Zoo

Paignton Zoo. One of the leading┬átourist attractions in the South West, with huge potential… but numbers had become stagnant. We were tasked┬áto raise the importance of the zoo. Make it special. An experience for everyone to enjoy and most importantly a place to spend time together as a family.

The Challenge

Paignton Zoo had the ambition to increase visitor numbers and engage more families. As their creative partner, how can we engage new visitor profiles, get them to reappraise what going to a zoo is all about but at the same time reinvigorate the key off peak local audience?

Our Response

Elevate the zoo from just another local South West attraction into a national destination across an integrated campaign using TV, print, digital and outdoor mediums. It was time to make it a ‘we have to go’ trip for visitors not a ‘might if we get the chance’ and make it something the locals are proud to identify with. A canny task that can only happen in stages. Step 1, behave and act in the same manner as national players and others by creating communications with attitude, spark and quirk.


Advertising / TV Production/ Radio / Outdoor

The Impact

On a tight production budget, with only 4 weeks from brief to execution and during gloomy March weather, we shot the TV ad over 4 days and spent another 2 days in sound design. With a constant battle for share of voice amongst the noise of other ads in the break, we think this will cut through… The Release Your Inner Animal campaign has increased visitors to all three zoos.