Aperam is a leading global stainless and specialty steel producer based in Luxembourg. AB worked with them on their first three Sustainability Reports.

The Challenge

Promoting sustainability for Aperam is vital for many reasons – customers expect it; commercial value is at risk without it; regulators constantly evolve related legislation; and it builds trust demanded by employees, future employees and contractors.
Their ambition is to be the safest steel company in the world and Sustainability plays an important part in this.

Our Response

We worked with DNV GL on this project. They led the content generation and data gathering aspect while AB’s role was to design the report within strict guidelines. There was a little trepidation about the tone and look of the first report as it had never been done before. The result was a series of Reports that improved every year as the content became better and internal confidence increased to use more imagery and infographics.

The Sustainability Reports are now valuable communication tools for external and internal audiences.

The Impact

The key was to link with Aperam’s values of leadership, ingenuity and agility. We did this by working closely with Aperam’s Luxembourg based sustainability team and DNV GL to ensure the content and design complimented each other. The result was a 32-page printed report that was distributed internationally.

The report looks great. Good feedback so far. Thank you so much.
Raquel Faria, Head of Branding and Sustainability