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Ocean Fish

Bringing British fish back to British plates

Over 80% of the fish we eat in Britain is caught abroad. Yet Cornwall provides some of the tastiest, most sustainably caught fish you can get. So when Ocean Fish came to us to create a fresh brand identity for their new range of healthy Cornish fish dishes, we jumped at the chance to help them bring the British catch of the day back to our dinner plates.

Challenging British traditions

Many people in the UK only eat specific types of fish like cod because it’s all they’ve ever known, or they lack the confidence to cook with other species.

So we cooked up a strategy for this new retail brand that challenges the misconceptions of lesser-known, local fish. Our strategy focused on Cornwall’s fishing communities who treat the sea with the utmost respect and defined a mission to inspire people to fall back in love with British fish.

Developed by chef James Strawbridge, the recipes pair local fish with big, bold flavours to shake up our fish-eating traditions and bring tasty meals to our tables for a fair price. Think harissa monkfish skewers, pea & mint hake or sardine fillets in a Mediterranean marinade – all prepped and ready for two to eat in a few minutes. From frying to grilling, the dishes have been developed to inspire people to get creative as they learn how to cook these local types of fish.

An identity full of flavour

We developed the new retail brand name, Hook, Line & Sinker, playing on a classic idiom as a nod to the brand’s Britishness. Developing the product packaging, we introduced a warm, conversational tone of voice to the descriptions, making them accessible for everyone – as well as adding a twist and splash of flavour to evoke the deliciousness of each dish.

The quirky, eye-catching illustrations use subtle humour alongside bold colours to bring the bursts of flavour to life and showcase each meal’s tasty ingredients. They turn the preconceptions of these fish on their head – instantly showing how they can be made into healthy, accessible meals.


Plenty more fish in the sea

The Hook, Line & Sinker range has been flying off Ocado’s virtual shelves and we’re regularly working with the brand to develop product packaging for new dishes they’re adding to the collection.


The second brand we work with for Ocean Fish is Stevenson. With a fishing fleet catching out of Newlyn in Cornwall for over 100 years, Stevenson lands, prepares and delivers the freshest fish and seafood boxes to doors across the country in under 36 hours after catch.

We developed a digital marketing strategy for Stevenson that targeted British fish lovers – persuading and inspiring them to buy from local waters. Fresh imagery, impactful words and examples of the delicious dishes they could create were compiled into a series of successful sponsored Facebook and Google Ads.

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