Apps World 2013


I was unsure about what I wanted to do for my Curiosity Day. I had lots of ideas but couldn’t decide on which I liked best. I ended up deciding on going to Apps World in London.

Apps World is a developer conference to ‘discover the future of multi-platform apps‘. Specifically mobile phone / tablet apps. It’s an event that’s held every year at ‘The ExCeL‘. There are many speakers who talk about all things app related.

Steve Wozniak (Co-founder of Apple) was one of those speakers I was very excited to see. I was very lucky to see him as I walked through the doors into Apps World. He had hundreds of people crowded around him desperate for a picture. Somehow I managed to get though and get one for myself!

The day was so interesting. There were so many different apps, people, events, games and so much more to immerse yourself in. The day went so fast and I had an absolute blast. I was also able to look at different 3D Printers, all sorts of wearable tech and there was even a massage centre if you were feeling a little tired.

I’m planning on going again next year and stay for a few days to really be able to take everything in.

Easily a 10/10!


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