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Graphic design predictions for 2024

A burst of colour

In 2023, we saw AI become a hot topic for the creative industries. There was also a rise in pastel colour palettes, modern nostalgia, and clean layouts. So, what will dominate the design scene in 2024?

Enhancing consumer experience

Brands are always looking for ways to enhance their customer experience, whether through their products and services or the power of good storytelling.

Over the past 12 months we saw an increase in creative marketing. As brands get more creative with their photography and films, they’re adding bespoke eye-catching illustrations or illustrative characters to create a unique brand style.

Creative marketing will continue to grow in 2024. It is all about delivering an impactful experience, making the consumer want to read more or see the real benefit of investing in your products.

Influencer marketing

Now, when we are talk about influencers, we don’t necessarily mean celebrities or trending stars on TikTok (unless that fits your brand). Instead, we are talking about real people who have used your product or experienced your services. Real customers, who can create emotive, fun video content that can be used as part of your brand story.

When people talk about or show their experience, it’s a great way to connect with a wider audience.

Brands will focus on authentic content on social media platforms this year – real people, real stories and User Generated Content – to build consumer trust.

AI enhancing workflows

Last year, AI seemed like a scary topic for many! Although it is constantly changing and evolving, we think we’ll continue to see design software enhance the power of AI within their tools.

Last year we saw Adobe add AI tools within Illustrator and Photoshop. This enhanced a designer’s workflow and gave them a speedier process, especially when it comes to photo editing.

This year we will continue to see new tools launching, but instead of fearing them we should harness them. Let’s see what other parts of our workflow they can help us improve.

Prominent photography

While illustrations have been taking the design world by storm, there is still a place for photography.

In 2024, high-quality, people focused photography is going to take centre stage.

Elevate your brand with unique, unpolished photography that tells a story, evokes emotion, and leaves a lasting impression.

How will you tell your story this year?

Whether you’re working on your personal marketing or a client project, think about how you can enhance your storytelling through graphic design. How can you use visuals to take people on a creative journey with you?

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