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Floris chooses AB as new marketing partner

A close up image of a Floris perfume bottle, showing that the company has appointed AB as its marketing partner.

AB is delighted to announce that we are now working with Floris on a range of marketing projects.

Floris is a British family perfumer that has been creating luxury fragrances for nearly 300 years. Based in the heart of London at 89 Jermyn Street, the company also has offices and a warehouse in Tiverton, Devon.

The company has employed AB Brand and Marketing Agency to increase awareness of the Floris brand and products, while growing online sales in the UK and EU.

Christmas, content and CRO

So far, AB has been working with the Floris team to provide hands-on support with both new product launches and promoting the existing product range.

The AB team has got stuck in to everything from paid media campaigns and emails to content design, SEO, conversion rate optimisation (CRO) and blog content.

With Christmas on the horizon and some exciting new products in the pipeline, we’ve been supporting the Floris marketing team with campaign planning and delivery. Our creative team has also designed a Floris podium for an event in Dubai.

Success story

This activity has generated significant growth in organic traffic to the Floris website, as well as big improvements in Google rankings. These early successes have set solid foundations for the partnership, and we’re now planning to work with Floris on optimising their EU websites.

“We’re delighted to be working with Floris and offering them support to raise awareness and improve online sales,” said AB Partner Ed Burnand. “We celebrated our 40th birthday this year and felt that four decades was a good innings – but Floris has been a hugely successful family business for nearly 300 years! They’re a British institution with devotees around the world. We’re really excited to see how the partnership evolves over the coming months and years.”

Floris Finance Director Graham Buller said, “We wanted to find an agency that aligned with our values and had the skills and ambition to help us reach our financial targets. We have been really pleased with the work AB has delivered and look forward to working with them on various projects in the future.”

Perfume and PPC

The Floris product range includes fragrances, soaps, bath and shower gels, body moisturisers, shampoos, room sprays, diffusers and scented candles. They have recently launched two new fragrances: Lily and Tuberose in Silk. AB is running Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns for both.

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