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When I said I was leaving London to move to Exeter, of course everyone had an opinion, those who wondered why on earth I’d ever leave “The City” and those who wondered why I went there in the first place. Working previously in a fast-paced creative company, people wondered how I’d ever find anything remotely similar in the West, but of course, I have, why should location affect company culture and creativity?

Working as the Office Manager at AB is both inspiring and exciting. I’m not talking about risk assessments and Liogenella reports, I’m talking about the creative & thriving environment the team create. Yes we are an agency and yes they are notorious for having a “fun” company culture and yes I could tell you we are “unique” but genuinely, AB has that spark!

We are all celebrated as individuals here and each year we are given a “curiosity day” to follow our curious streaks and explore! Many of us choose to be inspired and visit art galleries and museums but just sometimes things can get a little less ordinary, like visiting The Antarctic or the extraordinary Grizedale Forest Sculpture park.

We also like to celebrate local and national events and of course eat great food as a team whenever we can. This year for the Rugby World Cup, we held an international bake-off. We had everything from a Japanese Cheesecake through to Empanadas and dried fish (we don’t recommend). Of course, we needed judges, so the Exeter RWC committee joined us to judge and crown the star bakers & winner!

AB RWC bake off

Rugby World Cup 2015 bake off

After all our baking, travel & curiosity there’s often the need to regroup, hence “Thirst Thursday”. On the first Thursday (don’t get confused now) of every month, we go out as a team and take time to catch up, have a beer and then meander home or should I say Kayak?

AB Kayaking

Now if that doesn’t say “Creative” & “Company Culture” I don’t know what does!

If you’re a little curious and want to join the creative & thriving (sometimes a little crazy) Team AB then get in touch! Please send a CV and covering letter telling us something interesting about yourself to [email protected]


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