The Importance Of Storytelling


Storytelling. The heart and soul of film, it’s what we do. We take your ideas, experiences and ambitions and transform them into a compelling story. It simply can’t be stressed enough just how important the art of storytelling is when it comes to film.

Something that’s interesting about YouTube and other online video platforms is how they’ve given everyone the platform to show what they can do, which means video is obviously very competitive.

It’s changed the way success is gauged, with more companies just wanting to gain as many eyes on their brand as possible, without really caring how. This desperate need to go viral has resulted in a drain in storytelling in some areas, with some brands really missing out on communicating the right way. Even if your video gets a lot of shares and millions of views over a couple of weeks, what matters more is the message viewers got from this and whether your brand is right for them.

Obviously viral marketing can work for certain businesses and lay a groundwork for a successful brand, but it should not be the objective of every business and shouldn’t be seen as a way of generating new leads.

The best way to create new leads is through something powerful. Something rich, that will resonate with the viewer. Not necessarily something that will immediately make them go out and buy something, but will make them remember you. In the same way, an author writes a story, a filmmaker will do the same with the concept creation, scriptwriting and post-production editing. Take this wonderful example from Guinness, with their ‘Empty Chair’ advert. The ad gives something as innocuous as a pint of Guinness, an image of wholeness, a personality full of depth, thus creating a brand anyone would want to associate with.

Or even better you can take a look at how we tell stories, with our work for Clarks recruitment. We loved getting immersed with the Clarks brand. It really helped us meet their needs perfectly, and really enhanced the depth of the story we were telling.

The principle reason anyone watches anything is to be informed or entertained. Ask yourself if your video can inform or entertain. To become fully invested in your business, people need to believe in your business in order to progress beyond the video, onto your site and into a conversion. Your video can do this. ‘This is us, this is who we are and what we want to do”. The viewer may not think or say this directly, but that’s the type of thing they will be thinking of. Subconscious links between other brands, tone of voice, video quality and depth of story all come together for your brand image.

Take a look at the stories we’ve told. Can we help you convey a message?


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Jason has always loved film - He spent his youth arguing the case to his parents that he actually needed to see The Empire Strikes Back five times. After studying advertising at Watford College he begun a career on the mean streets of advertising, later working for one of London’s leading moving image design studios working for clients such as Channel 4, BBC and MTV. He believes passionately that todays digital technology coupled with a strong idea can allow any business to achieve the same creative excellence that at one time only global brands could command.


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