It doesn’t have to be the end… Email unsubscribe pages


Studies across a number of industries have revealed that the cost of keeping an existing customer is around 10% of the cost of acquiring a new one.

So if there is an opportunity to stop customers opting out from your email database, it’s worth investigating.

According to Exact Target, 54% of customers unsubscribe due to emails that came too frequently and nearly 50% decide to opt out due to repetitive or boring content.

Unsubscribe reasons

These findings are nothing new as back in early 2013 Marketing Charts found the similar sort of reasons.

Top reasons

There are a number of ways the unsubscribe page can be enhanced to offer customers an alternative to opting out.

Allowing them to change the frequency of emails

This is giving your customers the option to control as and when they receive emails.

If lots of people are taking this option, it should be telling you something!

Stay in control of your mailbox


Take a break option

More companies are offering this option now, especially when the content is over a period of time like a sale. Boden used it last year in their daily offer emails so people could just opt out of receiving them.



Offer an alternative

Office used this on their unsubscribe page to highlight their social media channels. People may have fell out of love with your emails but offer them a different channel to stay connected with the brand.

Are you ready

Another example is from Rue Lala who promote their app on the confirmation page.

Update your details

Alongside the ability for people to update their name etc, don’t forget about offering a way to change their email address.

When I changed my email address recently, I found myself having to re-subscribe as there was no easy way of updating it. This meant I would have been categorised as a new customer with all the activity associated with my old email account lost.

Don’t forget sending to inactive mail accounts can be damaging for your deliverability status as well. 


Personalise the content

Maybe you aren’t sending people the right content, but giving them the option to change it rather than unsubscribing could be the difference between them staying or leaving.

Keep it simple and don’t ask people to fill in lots of options, otherwise it might seem overwhelming. Get the basics from the preference centre but then using the clever technology out there to make it personal based on their behaviour.




Find out why people are people are leaving

By finding out why people are unsubscribing can prove a valuable source of information for your email marketing strategy. Don’t make it too difficult for them to tell you why though.




The key is to send relevant and personal content to your subscribers so they don’t think about unsubscribing.  However in the event they do, here are my top five tips:

  1. Don’t make it difficult to find the unsubscribe link in the first place. You don’t want people pressing the spam button instead.
  2. Use the details people complete. There is nothing worse than customers going to the effort of updating their details but then receiving the same frequency and content.
  3. Make sure your email service platform has the capability to do the function you offer like taking a break.
  4. Brand the page and offer an alternative to unsubscribing.
  5. Make it simple and easy.


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