iPhone 7 – What’s The Deal?


It’s that time of year, when a new iPhone is released. As usual, there are people clamoring over each other in order to get a first look. There’s also no doubt that it will break records in terms of pre-orders. However, is it a step forward in terms of mobile technology or is it just clever marketing from Apple once again? Lets explore…

The most common grievance with iPhone’s (and one field that Samsung definitely has the advantage in) is battery life. Customers have been pining for an iPhone that doesn’t come with the constant paranoia of spending too much time on an app as it will drain your battery. Apple has said that the iPhone 7 will have extended battery life and that it will be the longest-lasting iPhone ever. However, this seems to be an enigmatic problem and always seems to be a promise that’s made but not quite fully delivered.

The camera has been improved significantly and the iPhone 7 Plus actually has two cameras. This has enabled the phone to enhance zooming features, as well as other basic photography requirements such as blurring out backgrounds to give a professional gloss to the simplest of snaps.


However, it’s not only stills but also video that has seemingly received an upgrade with the iPhone 7. You can now capture 8MP frames at up to 30fps, which significantly improves the quality of any videos recorded.

Undoubtedly, the most talked-about issue at the iPhone 7 launch is the loss of the headphone jack, which senior VP of worldwide marketing at Apple, Phil Schiller marked as an act of ‘courage’. Replacing traditional headphones with ‘Airpods’. The obvious concern is that they will be incredibly easy to lose and will be a challenge to get used to. Usually, at a new iPhone launch, there are big concerns over certain features, and this definitely seems to be the one this year.

Getting into the technicalities of the Airpods, they require charging in a charging case that is provided but only last for 5 hours of use. The Airpods have a touch-sensitive back, meaning you can answer calls simply by touching them. My main concerns would be how close you have to be to the phone for the sound to be perfect, as well as whether you can change the volume by using the touch sensitivity.

The decision to get rid of the headphone jack is the obvious talking point from the launch, however, this could quickly be forgotten about if the promises around battery life are delivered, and the new camera features can occupy users enough to forget about the headphones. Space freed up from the headphone jack could be compensated for, with a faster user experience and an overall better feel. Time will tell…

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Author: James Murphy

James is a recent Business Marketing University Graduate. He’s been immersed within our agencies Digital Marketing team to work with existing clients and support the development of AB’s profile through social and content marketing.


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