Don’t be a content zombie


Here at AB you may have guessed we’re getting a little excited about Halloween. Most importantly because we want to highlight why you should be engaging with the different seasons within your marketing campaigns. Many of you have probably been told that you should be continuously creating evergreen content for your website because Google will be your friend and rank you higher… There’s a bit more to it than this.

Why seasonal content?

Depending on the time of year, users will be searching for specific products, planning events and interested in certain topics… Surely you want to get found during these searches if they’re relevant to your brand? However, Content Marketing isn’t just about driving someone to your website, it’s about showcasing your brand and everything you stand for through different mediums, whether that’s through video, imagery or a blog that hits the nail on the head… You should hopefully understand what style of content engages your audience the most.

Seasonal content gives you reasons to engage with your audience at different times of the year when you’ve maybe been a bit out of touch or at a time of year when engagement is usually low for your brand. Essentially seasonal content is a great way to boost your on-trend branding and capture buyer attention, or if you’re not retailing a product, it enables you to reposition your brand to your target audience.

We’re not suggesting you go out and create a flurry of content for Christmas, just because it’s Christmas. Your content should be relevant and ideally unique to your brand, there needs to be an underlying theme that links back to your brand and helps you to achieve something i.e increase your social media audience or the number of sales through your website.

Monster top tips…

  1. Think ahead and plan. Integrate seasonal content into your existing marketing calendar (if you don’t have one, you should!) and proactively plan to have your content ready for launch in the weeks building up to the main event. This gives you a competitive advantage and helps position your brand as a market leader.

  2. An excuse to reconnect. At different times of the year, businesses can find themselves going through quieter periods, this is where seasonal marketing activity can re-engage with your audience and provide them with insight and incentives. For example, in the food industry food manufacturers sell their Christmas lines in July to restaurants, who in turn will start menu planning in the Autumn.

  3. Keep it relevant. Don’t produce content if you have nothing to say. Each piece of content that you create during a season should add value to your audience, be aware that content that is not relevant to your brand can disengage your audience.

  4. Get your channels right. The same rules apply with any form of Content Marketing, you should be sharing content on appropriate channels that are relevant to your audience. For example, if your audience is predominantly B2B you’re more likely to use channels such as LinkedIn and Email Marketing, where you can target professionals relevant to your industry. You may want to consider how you can create a specific campaign for social media, supported with targeted advertising (we’ve found social media advertising to be very cost-effective) to capture a larger audience.

  5. Be creative and have fun! Branch out and step outside of your usual content, this is a great excuse to utilise other channels and mediums for your content and to truly help your brand stand out and inspire your audience. If nothing else, the purpose of being creative with your content is to build brand awareness and both re-engage your audience and attract potential new customers.

Brands doing it well…

Learn from the best. Each year brands come up with new innovative ideas that get us sharing content from their social media channels and talking about their brand.






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