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At AB we’re always keen to be evolving and innovating our creative process, to ensure we deliver an engaging solution for our clients.

Our latest technological adoption is a piece of Design Navigation Analysis (DNA) software, developed by Black Swan that uses data from extensive research performed by Queen Mary University of London. It focuses on analysing Visual Saliency, which is the state or quality in which visual information stands out relative to its neighbours. This has enabled us to identify which objects or elements are more likely to automatically attract our attention before others.  

DNA is a software solution that enables designers to generate information that helps indicate how conspicuous their design elements are to a human viewer. 

It’s hard to get noticed…

In the 1970s, people were exposed to approximately 500 commercial messages per day. With today’s technology, the estimates have jumped to as high as 30,000 messages per day. The DNA software enables our creative team to come up with a concept that stands out, gets noticed and includes the right messaging to capture the user’s attention.

How we see infographic

So, how do we see?

Light comes into the eye and onto the retina. In the retina light fires nerves, which are sent to the LGN in the brain. From there they are sent to the visual cortex. Where the visual image is processed by the algorithmic architecture (Algotecture) of the visual pathways.

How we perceive

How we perceive visual saliency

Micro Moment of Truth

It’s about maximising the probability that your message or product will stand out in the brief moment of time a consumer has the chance to see it.

What can the DNA software help with?

Analyse all aspects of your creative…

  • Find out what is attracting users attention
  • What they are ignoring or not finding
  • Identify distractions from the user journey
  • Improve sales

Where can you use the software?

Unlike most analysis software, this isn’t just limited to digital design (websites), you can measure design effectiveness across multi channel marketing.

  • Packaging
  • Out of Home
  • Digital design
  • Retail design
  • Press
  • eMarketing 

iPad DNA Software

iPad Solution

  • A tablet-based software solution with real-time saliency mapping or from your existing library
  • Perfect as a research tool or part of your existing methodology for design and creative options and A/B testing.
  • Custom designed analysis approaches to identify saliency across user-defined regions or across the entire image 

Does it actually work? 

It is common to be sceptical of new technology and if it will actually benefit your business. We’re confident this software does… And so were a leading insurance provider, who saw an uplift in sales and an improvement in their website user journey…

The Challenge

With sentimental as well as monetary value, protecting family Jewellery is of major importance. The company’s specialise in the area of protecting high value jewellery items as part of their high value home insurance services. The challenge came with conversion levels where customers were navigating from initial information pages through quote and purchase.

The Solution

Using the DNA application to visually analyse the relevant web pages they were able to quickly identify issues with positioning of critical messages and action items. Making changes identified by DNA and validated by live A/B testing, images and messages were able to be optimised. The result, consistent levels of traffic but with greatly increased quote engagement rates of up to 41.47%.

Enjoy a free demo

Say hello to our experts to see how the software could work for your business. We’ll provide your team with a demo on how the software works and discuss the opportunities to engage your audience and how you approach creative.



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