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Research in Practice

Creating an API to integrate with a new website and CRM

Research in Practice

Managing masses of research is a complicated business. And, without the right systems in place, the team at Research in Practice (RiP) were getting a headache.

RiP help organisations and people who work with children and families to access and understand evidence. RiP needed something that would enhance their user experience and chop down admin time.

The team at AB had the skills and experience to help.






User types

Breaking down the brief

RiP needed to overhaul their CRM system, and create an API to integrate a new website with the CRM.

This is where we could help. We would upgrade the bespoke CRM, adding new features such as detailed user tracking and reporting to make life easier for the RiP team.

We could then develop a unique API to convert data from the CRM into the right format for the website.

Requirements for the CRM included:

  • Ability to manage contracts
  • Tailored functionality and permissions for numerous user groups
  • Tools to manage users and contacts
  • Mailchimp integration and reporting
  • Bespoke reporting of website data for RiP and their partner organisations.

No small task, but a job we were excited to take on (and here’s how).

I’ve been working with AB and the team for over two years now and they’re a great bunch, both personally and professionally! I often feel like we are their only client, they are dedicated and invested in our long term success.

Benjamin Whitehouse

Display of Data

Drilling into the detail

A project as bespoke as this means diving into the detail with key stakeholders. We needed to really understand their goals for a successful outcome.

It’s a lot of information to flush out, which is why we ran an extensive ‘discover and plan’ phase. We held multiple workshops with people from across the organisation (and beyond, as required) to understand exactly what each role needed from the API.

After that, it was time to get down to business.

We outlined exactly what we would build and how it would be implemented.


bespoke business applications

Delivering opportunities

This project was all about enhancing the functionality of the CRM and maximising the opportunities for data for both the RiP team and their clients. It’s clear that we hit the nail on the head.

Our safe, secure, GDPR-compliant system saved staff heaps of time on what were previously clunky tasks. Not only that, we also helped them seize new opportunities, reduce membership churn and increase renewals.

Thanks to data visualisation using Google Charts and reporting features, the RiP team can now identify memberships that are about to lapse and demonstrate the value of membership.

Today, AB continues our long-standing partnership with RiP. We manage the CRM system, upgrading and updating features for effective management of events, user engagement and reporting.

We’re excited to continue helping RiP smash their short- and long-term goals.

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