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What does a WordPress developer do? And do I need one?

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Building a standard website in WordPress is easy. But building a website in WordPress that’s fast, secure, compliant and on-brand for your business takes an extra level of skill and expertise. We asked Jimmy and Corey from our development team how they work on WordPress sites and add value for clients.

“Unlike many website providers, we don’t just use a standard installation of WordPress. We work hard to improve your website’s setup, security and performance,” said Corey.

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Bespoke design:

All our websites have a bespoke design. We don’t just download ‘off-the-shelf’ themes, which any number of companies can use.

“Our designers work closely with our developers, project managers and SEO experts, throughout the entire process, ensuring AB delivers stunning websites that are unique to you,” said Corey.

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Improved load speed:

“We have substantially improved standard WordPress page-load speeds using a mix of technologies,” said Jimmy.

This improves search engine rankings and user experience, leading to higher engagement rates and an increase in the average time users spend on pages.

“A major win for both your business and your users!”

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Cookie management and compliance

There is a legal requirement to gain people’s consent before installing certain cookies from your website on their devices.

“AB uses the specialist provider Onetrust to implement a solution which gives users control of their cookies,” explained Corey.

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Search engine optimisation:

AB builds websites that are optimised for search engines from the ground up.

Our in-house Digital Marketing experts are involved at every step of the build, ensuring you have a site that is not only beautiful and functional, but findable, too.

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Streamlined administration:

Off-the-shelf Content Management Systems like WordPress can be daunting and confusing when you log into the administration area.

“But don’t panic!” said Jimmy. “AB customises and streamlines the admin area to provide options that are specifically relevant to your website’s functionality.”

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Increased security:

We configure our servers and WordPress to reduce security risks and plugin incompatibility issues.

“In addition to on-site security features, AB also protects websites using the industry-leading security and optimisation platform Cloudflare,” explained Corey. “Our websites are built like a fortress!”

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Improved carbon footprint:

Creating engaging websites that have video, large images and micro-interactions can have a negative impact on how sites perform from an environmental point of view.

“Designing and building greener websites can be a balancing act, and it’s something AB considers seriously.

“Our custom approach to using WordPress helps improve performance and our hosting provider, UK data centre, uses 100% renewable energy,” said Jimmy.

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AB doesn’t have a one size fits all approach:

“During initial discussions, we’ll assess your requirements and recommend the best solution for each project.

“Whilst this could be WordPress, it might be that another existing platform, or a completely bespoke solution built by our experienced development team, is more suitable.

“We’ll help you figure out the best solution,” said Corey. “We love working with WordPress, but we get really excited about other CMSs, too!”

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