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Dart Harbour

A Boater's Dream

One of the finest natural harbours in the UK, the Dart welcomes boats, private yachts and smaller cruise ships from across the country. But the ever-changing conditions at this popular port mean visitors need access to important updates like pontoon availability and poor weather warnings. The current Dart Harbour website was struggling, so they asked us to create an easy platform to broadcast everything visitors needed to know.

An exciting brief for our developers, we crafted a fresh, functional site with live feeds and bespoke features. Showcasing heaps of helpful info, the platform has become a one-stop-shop for all harbour visitors.

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Dart Harbour Home Screen on laptop display

Replacing a sinking site

Dart Harbour’s original site didn’t have the capacity to display the relevant information and caused frustrating complications with boats coming and going from the harbour.

Most people arriving on the water access the platform on their phones, but the existing site wasn’t mobile-friendly. So, visitors resorted to looking elsewhere for updates, causing confusion.

Dart Harbour desperately needed an adaptable site to display a diverse range of info to people using the port.

Dart Harbour Home Screen on mobile display

Setting off on one easy platform

We put our heads together and came up with some great ideas for a new site, that put all the information in one place.

We built several new elements from scratch, providing essential insight and bespoke functionality to the site. As well as integrating two specialised modules: Harbour Assist and Hydrographic Office tidal.

The new modules showcased inshore weather, wind and tide time integration, pontoon options for incoming vessels and current mooring conditions. We also developed an interactive map displaying the current status of the port and advising on availability for different sized vessels – as well as other live information.

The new site lets the harbour have control of pop-ups on the homepage so they can update it with any urgent information.

It’s very mobile-friendly, so users can easily get updates on their phone.

A harbour-load of impact

The new site made a huge impact on the harbour. Now people didn’t have to check multiple sites before arriving and had all the info they needed at their fingertips. There was a 21% increase in users from the previous year and people visited more pages and spent much longer on the site.

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