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St Petrock’s

Tackling homelessness: How AB helped St Petrock’s to boost its fundraising efforts

St Petrock’s is a local charity supporting those experiencing homelessness in the Exeter area. Following a talk from two representatives from the organisation, it became clear that their work was something the entire AB team felt passionate about.  

Because of this, we have committed to supporting St Petrock’s and named them as our Charity of the Year for the second consecutive year. 

A man experiencing homelessness, supported by St Petrock's holding a dog

We have provided pro bono support to the charity in a number of areas to support their fundraising activities and help them achieve their marketing objectives. The primary aim was to improve the visibility of St Petrock’s and help their fundraising endeavours for the 2023 financial year. Since partnering with the organisation, our projects have included: 

  • Developing an event/fundraising toolkit 
  • Organising a clothes swap initiative 
  • Providing campaign support for the Christmas 2023 and 2022 campaigns
  • Creating additional advertisements to boost campaign efforts 






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Creating a fundraising toolkit for the future 

As charities get the main bulk of their income via fundraising, one of our goals was to make it as easy as possible for people to raise money on behalf of St Petrock’s. 

That’s why our design team got to work creating an event and fundraising toolkit for the organisation. The pack contained all the necessary information and assets for people to easily fundraise on their behalf. This allowed St Petrock’s to provide fundraisers with comprehensive guidance and encourage more people in the local community to get involved in raising money for the charity.   

Raising donations via digital marketing 

For the second year in a row, we managed the digital marketing for St Petrock’s Christmas campaign. Winter is one of the most important times of year for the organisation to raise money as the weather gets colder and people experiencing homelessness are more vulnerable to all kinds of extreme conditions. 

Last year’s campaign was a roaring success with all targets surpassed so we needed to consider how we could go the extra mile to bolster fundraising efforts even more so. 

This year’s campaign focused on what life is like as a person experiencing homelessness and how St Petrock’s can help people overcome their struggles and change their lives.  

Armed with an emotive film, we launched the digital campaign on YouTube and Meta to drive traffic to a specially created landing page where the audience could donate to the campaign. 

It was supported by separate ads to drive footfall to the St Petrock’s vintage clothing shop and encourage visitors to the Nationwide donation point in central Exeter. 

With our help, St Petrock’s smashed their donations target of £30,000, ending with £49,000 – a huge increase against target and an increase of 35% year on year. 

Man experiencing homelessness, holding his dog, with the word 'hope' displayed across the screen

Additional fundraising support 

As part of our support to St Petrock’s, we also completed our own internal fundraising activities for the charity. 

One of these activities was a clothes swap, where we encouraged those within our Exeter office to bring in unwanted items of clothing and donate a set amount to St Petrock’s, allowing them to choose up to three other pieces. Any items unclaimed at the end of the day were taken to St Petrock’s vintage clothing shop, where they could be sold and the proceeds would benefit the charity. 

“The team at AB are creative, knowledgeable and specialists in their own fields. Our Christmas online fundraising campaign was placed into their expert team who carefully targeted and monitored reactions and donations and adjusted targeting accordingly. This extra funding will help us provide essential services for the ever increasing numbers of people without a home in Exeter.” 

 – Claire Wright, St Petrock’s. 

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