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Video transcript: Meet our team as AB turns 40

On AB’s 40th anniversary, we filmed our team talking about life at AB. Read the transcript here.

On AB’s 40th anniversary, we asked our team to talk about life at AB…

Chloe Parker, Digital Marketing Manager: “I absolutely love working here. For me, like it really challenges me.”

Millicent Teague, Graphic Designer: “Everyone’s really keen to kind of do the best that they can and it’s nice to have that creative buzz.”

Corey Mackie, Digital Director: “It’s always different so it’s ever-changing.”

Emily Guppy, Designer: “My favourite thing about working here is the culture. Everyone is so nice, like genuinely really nice.”

Holly Watson, Content Specialist: “They value each employee’s well-being so much and it’s really refreshing to have an employer who actually genuinely cares.”

Henry Sanford, Digital Partner: “So it’s all around better growth. Growing the team doing their roles and them as people.”

Kim Logan, Head of Digital Marketing: “They have certain values. AB actually does live them, which is really refreshing.”

Tallulah Warmington, Account Manager: “They really genuinely care about us as people and our progression.”

Ed Burnand, Partner: “It’s all about the people. A great group of people in the room – you can do great work and the agency is only going to get better and better.”

Tallulah Warmington, Account Manager: “We really focus on the people, and I think that makes such a difference and you get great work as a result.”

End of transcript.

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