To celebrate the importance of home cooking, Tesco Food required engaging video content to inspire people to cook more. This content needed to appeal to a wide audience and be able to resonate with Tesco customers on a variety of platforms. We were not producing your average recipe guides, this content needed to be responsive and cover the small, simple pleasures of home cooking for those who are short on time.

The Challenge

Tesco’s content marketing agency employed AB to produce a range of recipe and skills films to sit on the Tesco Real Food website and support Tesco’s wider content strategy and sales conversion in-store. This also included reconnecting families and particularly homemakers with the Tesco brand to demonstrate the importance of home cooking with fresh ingredients, even if you’re short on time.

Monthly website visitors
Increase In YouTube Subscribers
Million Views On Tesco Food Films

Our Response

To date, AB has produced over 250 individual films from basic skills, to innovative, interactive YouTube recipes, where customers can click menus to choose which recipe they want to learn more about. The films combined have achieved over 3.5m unique views and helped to evolve Tesco’s content strategy.

The Impact

Compelling, digitally-optimised video content was produced to appeal to busy, cash-conscious customers to make cooking easy and stress-free. The Tesco real food website receives over 400,000 unique visitors each month.
Tesco.com/realfood is in the top 10 food community sites.
Tesco.com/realfood is the only transactional website within the top 30 food sites.