South West Water

AB has worked on South West Water’s reporting requirements and supporting their corporate communications for over 10 years.

The Brief

We’ve been involved in pure corporate reporting (Annual, Sustainability and Annual Performance Reports) but also heavily involved in regulatory work with OFWAT (2015-20 Business Plan) and, more recently, MOSL in preparation for the upcoming changes in the water and wastewater marketplace to make it a level playing field.

Our Approach

All the work we do reflects South West Water’s position as a company at the forefront of the UK’s water industry. AB also operates as South West Water’s brand guardian and while all our work is within the brand guidelines we do sometimes need to push these to ensure the most effective work possible is produced.

Depending on the project we work directly with the communications, finance and regulatory teams.

The Solution

Over the years we have produced numerous printed and HTML digital reports for South West Water and established them as a reporting leader in their sector. One of our real strengths for the reporting and regulatory projects has been the ability to work quickly and accurately to get jobs done.

At times we’ve had teams of people working in South West Water’s offices late into the night and at weekends. One of the traits we are most proud of is our can-do attitude, whatever the challenge.