Royal Airforce Benevolent Fund

The Royal Airforce Benevolent Fund is the Royal Air Force’s leading welfare charity, providing financial, practical and emotional support to serving and former members of the RAF. Over the last few years AB has been employed by the charity to create outreach and awareness campaigns across TV, social, display, radio outdoor and print.

The Challenge

There are so many funds and opportunities to help, yet there are thousands of people who don’t ask for help, either due to lack of awareness or a stoic pride, who believe there is always someone more deserving. So how do we break this cycle?

New people supported
Increase In Charity Awareness
Uplift In New Calls & Enquiries

Our Response

Be direct, make our audience re-evaluate their situation and their thinking. Show our audience real situations and ask why they suffer in silence, and almost embarrass them to challenge the way they think…


Advertising/ Social / TV/ Print/ Radio

The Impact

We created an integrated ad campaign with TV, print, bus interiors, social and radio targeted in the East Anglia and the northern UK areas. The response has been very positive in provoking engagement and the campaign has been extended to other regions in the UK.