Plymouth Marine Laboratory

Plymouth Marine Laboratory in the city of Plymouth, England, is a marine research organisation and registered charity.

The Challenge

To come up with an idea to share and promote PML’s excellent track record in marine science. Every year there is a thread running through the Annual Review to pull together PML’s unique offering of Observation, Experimentation and Modelling of the marine environment.

The Annual Review is part marketing document and part Annual Report so it appeals to international scientific and non-scientific communities.

Our Response

For the 2015 Annual Review the main challenge was to show how the research PML does flows into projects and then solutions that are relevant to society e.g. unlocking the blue economy, facing the challenge of new pollutants, global change. We needed to consider how the different audiences would consume the information and be very clear that we did not just want them to read the content but also get in touch to find out more.

In 2014 there was budget to deliver a more rounded communications plan to promote PML’s Annual review, ‘Listen to the Ocean’. Rather than just a simple printed version we have also introduced an HTML website and film of the Chief Executive Stephen de Mora.

The Impact

We went with an A5 printed Annual Review to stand out in our ‘A4 world’ and also make it easier for delegates at scientific conferences and symposiums to transport. Infographics also had a key role to play and have been so popular that they are used independently of the Annual Review for both external and internal comms.

AB has now worked on the last four Annual Reviews for PML and the feedback has been very positive. PML continues to grow and enhance its position as a world-leading marine science centre. AB also designed the main PML website

We have been a client of AB for 4 years and appreciate their creativity, professionalism, and “can-do” approach, and the ease of working with them. They have helped us evolve our communications to convey complex scientific issues to a wider audience.
Beverly Tremain, Head of Communications