Open Energy Market

Open Energy Market provides the smartest way to buy, trade, forecast and report on commercial energy consumption.

The Challenge

Open Energy Market (OEM) are going through an exciting phase of their corporate life and wanted to show key investors their progress over the past four years. The brief was to create a ‘good looking report’ with a ‘tight deadline’ that reflected their brand and showed the journey that OEM have been on. It needed to provide reassurance to existing investors and show the ambitions for the next few years.

Our Response

Having identified that OEM wanted a no frills approach to getting the report produced, we focused on delivering a templated report that provided enough scope for the varying amounts of content, but still provided OEM with a professional communication that could be shared with their investors and other interested stakeholders.


The Impact

An Annual Review has been developed and printed that provides OEM with a communication that explains they rapid past achievements, showcases their progress and lays out their ambitions in a professional manner. This review now supports their 2017 objective of ‘acting like the business’ they want to become.

AB Reporting were quick to respond to our request, flexible in their approach and delivered a great looking review within our timescales.
Chris Maclean, Founder of OEM