Knauf Insulation

Knauf Insulation is one of the world’s leading providers of insulation products. We support their external affairs team with annual sustainability reports and daily digital marketing activity.

The Challenge

Knauf Insulation recognise their responsibility in helping architects, designers, developers and builders create more energy-efficient buildings. Knauf Insulation are champions of the European Commission Level(s) reporting framework for sustainable buildings. The company is setting the agenda for the future of green, eco-friendly and energy-efficient buildings.

We have supported Knauf Insulation for many years to produce their sector-leading Sustainability Report. We then had an opportunity to distribute the content online to a wider audience.

increase in time spent on content pieces
growth in relevant Twitter followers
increase in news content page views

Our Response

In previous years, the Sustainability Report was produced in print. It was also available as a PDF download from the Knauf Insulation website. Together, we agreed that there was a huge opportunity to use digital marketing to improve the reach of the report and engage with key stakeholders.

We identified that many of the target audience use Twitter and/or LinkedIn in a professional capacity. We focussed our efforts on creating a content marketing plan to reach them and contribute to the positioning of Knauf Insulation as a global leader in sustainability.

We created an article publication schedule to promote a mix of pieces. These included stories that featured in the newly titled Annual Review and internal ‘feel good’ stories.

The Impact

We created a significant uplift in views and engagement on the content pieces we promoted. We saw a 65 per cent uplift in unique page views on this type of content during the campaign. There was a 33 per cent uplift in website referrals from social channels as a result of a mixture of organic and paid promotion activities.

Although not part of our remit within this campaign, we were conscious of the potential to increase traffic from organic search by ensuring the content was fully optimised. As a result, we saw a near 20 per cent uplift in users coming from this source.

Today we continue to support Knauf Insulation with their messaging, daily organic posts and activity on their social media channels.

I would like to thank you warmly for the great team work once again and for this beautiful new edition!

We had very good comments so far and this is thanks to your great and hard work.

It has been a huge pleasure to work on this project with all of you and to learn again from your inspiring creativity and
Laura Croze, External Affairs Officer