ISS is a leading workplace experience and facility management company.

The Challenge

ISS UK, a global facilities services company, has over 48,000 employees across the UK and wanted to educate and engage its employees about its Corporate Responsibility (CR) reporting and whilst sharing good CR practices. Key challenges for ISS UK in the past were to cost effectively deliver information and to measure the levels of engagement with information sent.

Our Response

We analysed the existing channels of communication and levels of engagement with the ISS team. This process highlighted to us the best way to disseminate content was to educate and empower Line Managers in each location rather than send a communication in isolation to each employee.

Each Line Manager was receiving company information online but this was not the case for their teams as generally online access was not required for them to fulfil the job.

Developing a Staff Tool Kit

These insights informed our recommendations to develop a secure online Staff tool kit which could be used to promote key messages, policies and updates from the Corporate Responsibility Report.

The Impact

A secure online Staff tool kit was developed which hosted the latest online Sustainability report. This online toolkit empowered leaders across ISS UK, in multiple locations, to log in and access CR related resources which they could share with their teams to help them embed the ISS way and good Corporate Responsibility practices. There is also a feedback mechanism which provides a channel for team leaders across the group to send comments which the ISS CR team monitor and respond to.

The success of the Staff tool kit and online CR report has been demonstrated through the metrics showing that its been accessed across the UK in over twenty locations by a variety of teams on a regular basis.

In following years the Staff tool kit has been re-used to help distribute the annual online CR Report and the supporting materials that help Line Managers communicate corporate CR messages with their teams.

AB are definitely one of the most responsive agencies I have worked with. Their customer service is outstanding and they really put a lot of effort in to understand the sector and to ensure they keep pace with developments in CR/Sustainability generally and in CR/Sustainability reporting in particular. The design brief was fulfilled and the costs v budget was spot on. So all in all a great experience.
Steve Workman , CSR Director