Hawksmoor Investment Management

Hawksmoor Investment Management is a leading specialist investment and fund management business, providing high-quality discretionary services to private clients (and clients of Financial Advisers) including trusts, pension schemes and charities. They also manage three multi asset funds.

Hawksmoor felt its website needed to be modernised, especially as it did not reflect the company’s brand values or its focus on innovative service offerings. Also, the content and services were split over three separate websites, which made the user experience complex and unclear.

In view of our creativity and proficiency, AB was chosen to redesign and develop a new website that would improve the user experience and also align more closely with the brand values and the company’s plans for growth.

The Challenge

As well as redesigning the website to align with Hawksmoor’s brand values and make the user journey clearer and more seamless, the challenge was to ensure multiple user types were catered for while still adhering to FCA compliance regulations.

In modernising the site, it needed to be compatible on all platforms – laptop, mobile and tablet, as well as desktop. And for ease of editing and updating the site, the content management system (CMS) needed to be simplified and intuitive.

Hawksmoor also challenged us to create a new site that would generate leads for the Business Development Team. Hawksmoor has significant stature in its field – a popular and renowned source for commentary on the market as well as their investment management acumen – so ensuring no client goodwill was lost during the transition was vital too.

Decrease in Bounce Rate - 1st quarter, YOY
Uplift in New Users - 1st quarter, YOY
Increase in Page Views - 1st quarter, YOY

Our Response

To make the new site more user-friendly, we essentially turned three websites into one. Originally, the research section and the managed funds services were separate from the main Hawksmoor website, so all content has been brought under one main domain with clear and concise navigation to all areas.

Resource downloads were particularly difficult to find on the previous websites, so we created a dedicated resource section available directly from the main navigation. This section is automatically populated when PDFs are added to service pages within the site content.

Website imagery combines traditional architecture with modern structures to reflect the company’s heritage and its innovative service offering.


website design/ FCA compliance/ Intuitive CMS/ website hosting

The Impact

The single, responsive website provides a vastly improved user experience and the improved CMS allows Hawksmoor to easily manage all of the content, build landing pages and promote the Business Development Team on key pages of the website.

The website hosting has been built using a dedicated virtual server protected by Cloudflare, which provides a fast, secure and reliable experience.



For this project we were really looking for a partner, not just a supplier. The ab team are great to work with – always helpful, endlessly patient, and with a refreshing ‘can-do’ attitude.
Diane Hayman, Marketing Manager