Global Conference Management

The UN Biodiversity Conference is held every two years. National governments and international organisations meet with the goal to develop strategies for the conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity. Global Conference Management (GCM), based in Cairo, appointed AB to build the website for 2018’s event in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.


GCM has experience of working with us for over five years. The event management professionals from Cairo felt AB’s creative, innovative and tech-savvy qualities made us the perfect agency to design the site for the latest conference.

Organised in partnership with the Arab Republic of Egypt’s Ministry of Environment and the United Nations Decade on Biodiversity, the conference required a dedicated site. It needed to feature everything from introductions from the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt and UN Secretary General, to information on the venue and details for every feature and segment of the 17-day event.

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The challenge

The scale of the project spanned the globe and preparation involved regularly liaising with various stakeholders. This included key players such as Egypt’s Ministry of Environment and the UN’s Montreal office. The schedule covered multinational conference calls and many levels of sign-off at each stage of development.

From the start of the project, all the organising parties put their unified trust in AB to deliver a website that matched the ambitions of the conference and the requirements of all participants and attendees.

The creation of three language versions of the website were needed – English, Arabic and French. This additional level of technicality meant we had to ensure the site was accurate in terms of content and language, as well as performing consistently across all devices and browsers.

The website needed to be creative and instantly appealing. But considering the multitude of attendees that would visit and the amount of content required, it also had to be well-structured and user-friendly. And, it was vital that the website reflected the beauty and biological diversity of Egypt while still adhering to the parameters and guidelines set by the governing bodies.


Because of the sensitivity and scale of this project, meticulous planning and preparation were key. After in-depth meetings with the organisers and event managers, we began creating the website, making sure to regularly feedback progress.

As well as a can-do, positive attitude, scrupulous quality control was also an intrinsic element in ensuring the expectations of all stakeholders were met and the website delivered the desired performance across all three languages. Thorough testing was carried out at all stages, in particular as part of the pre-launch phase.

The website was designed to be clean yet bold, vibrant yet professional. The result is an easy to navigate site that gives visitors a pleasurable, informative user-experience.

A content management system was built into the site enabling any client administrators to update and edit pages in line with any developments or last-minute changes to the event.


Planning/ Design/ Website Development/ Multilingual/ Digital Strategy

The Impact

All three language versions of the site have performed well. Since launching on 3 July 2018, over 36,800 sessions from over 17,800 new and returning users have been recorded.

All stakeholders were satisfied with the 2018 website, and as well as the impressive stats, feedback has been positive.

AB is still monitoring and maintaining the site, and there has been a distinct increase in traffic during and after the conferences.

Thank you to everyone at AB for all your efforts. Your dedication and dependability at every stage was impressive. The site looks great! We’re really happy with how it’s turned out. It provides great support and is a true reflection of the work we’re trying to achieve. We wish you all the best with your future projects.
Hend Nassar, Web Application Developer and Manager at the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency