DSA Data Visualisation

Doncaster Sheffield Airport (DSA) is part of Peel Group. In 2018 it was voted the ‘UK’s Best Airport’ by Which? Magazine. As part of an ongoing marketing strategy we ran a series of campaigns to encourage consumers to book flights. These included a “Holiday Hero” campaign

The Challenge

Due to GDPR legislation, DSA had limited access to airline booking data. This prevented DSA marketing teams from gathering insights and measuring the success of their campaigns.

These restrictions meant that DSA were unable to analyse whether or not global and regional events were having an impact on sales. Moreover, audience-insight data was not detailed enough to inform future campaigns.

We designed the Holiday Hero campaign to drive brand awareness, create high levels of engagement on the DSA website and increase conversions as a direct result. To achieve all three, we needed to engineer intelligent audience insight data.

Impressions and engagement would be measured against the display ads and PPC ads. Conversions would be measured against the number of clicks on Holiday, Flights, Premium Lounge and Parking on the DSA landing page.


Our Response

Before developing and implementing the Holiday Hero campaign, we audited the sales and campaign data that was available.

We take a data-driven approach to digital campaign work, which is why we wanted to understand more about DSA’s audience. This information would allow us to create targeted digital ads, optimising campaign spend to deliver better results.

We blended the audited data with suitable Big Data sources to enrich the customer insights for each campaign.

We created an interactive visualisation of the data on a cloud-based Tableau dashboard.

The new dashboard presents the data in a logical, user-friendly way. This enables DSA’s marketeers, analysts and senior management team to log-on at any time and easily interrogate the success of campaign work. Users can also use the information to better inform future campaigns.

The Impact

The dashboard successfully:

  • enables DSA to better understand customer purchasing habits
  • visualises the geographic locations of new and returning customers
  • informs the team on how best to maximise media spend and reduce wastage
  • identifies new customer opportunities
  • gives the marketing team opportunities to tailor their messaging
  • enables DSA to understand the possible impact of world events on sales, then adjust and maximise marketing opportunities
  • produces clear evidence of ROI on marketing activities for the Board.

The data was used to inform the digital aspects of the Holiday Hero campaign, which ran from 6 May to 30 June 2019.

We tailored messaging to specific audiences, using the dashboard to support audience targeting. We generated comprehensive audience-types. Not only did we establish basic information such as age and location but more specific data, including technology usage, family set-up, hobbies, media consumption and flights they would likely board from DSA’s offering.

The initial aims were to raise awareness, drive engagement and generate conversions. We were successful in each area, vastly exceeding our targets.

By strategising how to gather, visualise and manipulate data, we laid the foundations for an extremely successful digital campaign. The overall results are a reflection of campaign foresight, thorough data analysis and thoughtful audience targeting based on evidence.