DCH Group

AB worked for many years with DCH on their annual reporting and corporate communications. In March 2018 DCH and Knightstone Housing merged to form Livewest.

The Challenge

To present DCH as a single organisation managing and maintaining over 22,550 homes in Devon and Cornwall, one of the biggest social enterprises in the region.

Last year’s report was also produced against the backdrop of DCH achieving high and improving customer satisfaction, along with strong operational performance.

In line with society’s requirement for more homes the report clearly communicates DCH’s increasing ambition to deliver more new homes for people and communities in the region.

Our Response

AB worked very closely with DCH’s communications team in the six months leading up to the Annual Report’s publication. The exact content ebbed and flowed as legislation changed and the business strategy was finalised.

Design and content

The overall look and feel was an evolution of the report we’d produced the year before but the content was brought up to date and needed to include the successful amalgamation with West Devon Homes (WDH), an organisation with 1,600 homes and 46 staff.

The Solution

A report that is as accessible to the skim browser as it is to the fully committed reader. We achieved our key ambition to portray DCH as professional, strong, commercially-minded business.

The Annual Report was promoted externally and internally amongst the 900 staff and prompted via an email to key stakeholders and featured prominently on the business focused area of the DCH website.