Dart Harbour

Dart Harbour welcomes boats, private yachts and smaller cruise ships from the UK and internationally. In order to support the volume of arrivals, we developed a new website. The new site performs as a one-stop-shop for all harbour visitors, quickly delivering all the information they need to know through several live modules.


The Challenge

The Dart Harbour website was unable to deliver relevant information to incoming visitors, causing complications upon their arrival.

Fundamentally, the site did not reflect the changeable conditions at the port, from poor weather to pontoon availability. This put a strain on harbour communications.

Most of these arrivals would access the website using their phones. However, the site wasn’t mobile-friendly and acted as an information barrier.

A new, mobile-responsive site was needed that could support an efficient and safe experience for each visitor.

pageview uplift
session uplift
increase in new users

Our Response

A new website would need to provide a positive user experience. It should deliver up-to-date information to a diverse range of people approaching and using the port. We created an all-inclusive service for harbour visitors.

We built several new elements in order to provide essential insight and bespoke functionality, integrating Harbour Assist and Hydrographic Office tidal modules. The new modules reveal information including: inshore weather, wind and tide time integration, pontoon options for incoming vessels and current mooring conditions.

We also developed an interactive map. This map reflects the status of the port, advising on port availability for different size vessels, as well as other live information.

In addition to these live modules, the harbour can action pop-ups on the homepage to reflect urgent visitor information.

This urgent and live information required a mobile-responsive site. As users approach Dart Harbour, they are now able to view its current status on their smartphones.

The Impact

Creating a more reactive website was a priority, meaning that port visitors no longer have to check various sources to find the information they need. This multi-channel journey has been condensed. This means that users only need to consult one site to find out everything they need to know.

After the new website was launched, the following three months saw a 21% increase in users from the previous year. Visitors to the site spent longer on the website and visited more pages.