CUBE is a global Regulatory Technology (RegTech) provider, empowering regulated financial institutions to meet compliance challenges. CUBE have ambitious growth plans. As such, they required a new website and a supporting digital marketing strategy to help meet lead generation targets and build brand awareness.

The Challenge

CUBE operate in a global marketplace. It is vital that their website provides an easy user experience for those seeking compliance information.

We were challenged to develop a new website for CUBE to better suit their leading position in the RegTech industry. Together, we established three clear objectives:

  • Increase conversions – generate new business leads, especially from top-tier financial institutions
  • Successfully and simply divulge the advantages of working with CUBE
  • Improve the user experience – simplify the journey to meet user’s needs.

The site would also need to be flexible, giving CUBE the opportunity to add content as they continue to grow.

year-on-year increase in organic traffic in the first month
leads generated from paid channels in the first month
month-on-month search click-through rate increase

Our Response

To ensure the user was at front of mind during the website build, we created three user personas. Creating a detailed user journey map for each persona revealed how they would engage with the CUBE website. We also considered the challenges they face, the questions they would have and how CUBE can provide the best response. Quickly.

After designing a website to complement these personas, we further delved into the audience’s make-up to deliver a digital marketing campaign. We conducted thorough research into financial institutes and their internal hierarchies. We could then think more deeply about specific job roles to begin targeting those who might benefit from CUBE’s offer.

Using paid media channels and SEO tactics, we invested in both a short-term and long-term strategy to help CUBE achieve their conversion and awareness targets. This meant that the campaign was effective immediately, but would also work in the long-term to generate valuable leads.

The Impact

CUBE’s new website has made navigation far easier for decision makers most likely to take converting actions. The site is far more flexible in terms of adding content, the value of using CUBE is better explained and there are engaging and relevant calls to action on each page.

The supporting digital campaign continues to operate across a number of channels to deliver relevant, actionable leads to the client.

AB were brought in by CUBE to build a new website, manage our SEO needs and launch our first foray into paid digital advertising. Their expertise and insight were essential in ensuring we started seeing strong results from the first month.
Christopher Hann, Digital Marketing Manager