Consilient Health

Consilient Health specialise in the commercialisation of pharmaceutical products. In order to comply with compliance practices, we developed an automated compliance process for their website.

The Challenge

The pharmaceutical industry evolves quickly. Alongside this evolution, scrutiny remains high. It is essential that pharmaceutical companies meet regulation. Consilient Health must navigate compliance procedures in order to maintain trust among partners, healthcare professionals and patients.

If compliance procedures aren’t met, consequences can be huge. As such, Consilient Health must bear responsibility for all communication relating to pharmaceutical products.

The challenge was to create a UK-focussed website and platform that would:

  • simplify the compliance process, reducing reliance on a web agency to push updates to the live website
  • compliment the other Consilient Health websites with improved user experience.

Our Response

In order to help Consilient Health manage their online content, we developed a compliance process consisting of three key stages:

  1. The website was created and hosted in our local hosting environment at AB. This allows us to explore initial development and any future code updates.
  2. The staging environment was set-up. This platform is used by Consilient Health to make content changes and screenshot pages for compliance. Following compliance approval, Consilient Health are able to push the changes to the live website via the admin area of this Staging website.
  3. The live website is managed in order to reflect the approved content on the Staging site and, for security and compliance reasons, has no CMS access of its own.

The benefit of this system is that it creates an extra level of safeguarding, allowing Consilient Health to manage their content in a completely compliant way. In an industry so carefully scrutinised, protection around content is a priority.

We then duplicated this system and developed a global-focussed .com site.

The Impact

This development project improves safeguarding, future-proofs compliance for Consilient Health and allows the company to work on web content far more effectively and diligently.




We have a modestly-sized marketing team and see AB as a valued extension of that team. AB know the pharmaceutical industry extremely well and work closely with our compliance experts - we trust them to manage our compliance process with care.
David Browne, Head of Strategic Marketing at Consilient Health,