Chartered Insurance Institute

The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) came to us needing strategic guidance on their annual reporting process. As their partners in this process, we’ve helped them with the direction of the report in line with the manifesto produced for the future of the CII.

The Challenge

The CII had spent the previous 18 months conducting a review of how it operated and then produced a strategic manifesto outlining its plans for the future. In line with this, it required an annual report that was best in class and showed a step change in the quality of its external communications. The CII has many stakeholders, meaning our partnership with them needed to be honest and thorough, taking on board the business objectives of the CII as well as the challenges they face.

Our Response

We reviewed previous years reports and analysed the reporting from other leading membership organisations to establish how the CII was reporting against their peers. Working closely with the CII, we were able to establish the process needed to deliver the report, as well as create a structure for the design and content of the report. This included interviewing the relevant contributors as well as delivering a comprehensive first draft for the CII to review.

The Impact

The 2017 report won ‘best annual report’ at the Memcom awards. The success of the report means we were able to interview the executive team on the process of creating the report, which included creation of the scripts and working closely with the CII team to make sure business goals were met.

AB have provided an excellent and supportive team that has taken our reporting to a highly impressive new level. Our only issue now is to match and surpass the quality of this year’s report going forward!
Michelle Worvell, Communications Manager