Data integration and visualisation

Imagine if accessing your business or marketing data was simple. You’d no longer have to spend time battling outdated systems and clunky, siloed databases. You wouldn’t rely on anecdotal evidence of your customers’ needs. Instead, you’d make decisions based on insight-ready data – in just a few clicks.

We can help gather your data into one modern system that visualises the information you and your stakeholders need.

Data integration

  • Improve your business’ performance by bringing together all your business data into one customised system.
  • View the data you need in a format that suits you.
  • Access data in a secure, cloud-based environment.

Our data experts will work with your teams to understand what data your business collects, holds and needs. By understanding your pain points, risks and concerns, we can build a bespoke system that is future-proof and easy to use.

By integrating data into one modern system you can:

  • reduce your exposure to risk
  • comply with GDPR rules
  • reduce the need for manual data entry and potential errors – use just one version of ‘the truth’
  • simplify your business data
  • find information quickly and easily
  • make evidence-based decisions with confidence
  • increase productivity
  • grow the business.

Data visualisation

  • Understand the impact of your marketing campaigns using real-time data.
  • See data from multiple sources in an easy-to-understand format, tailored to you.

Using data visualisation and our campaign reporting tool, you can manage marketing campaigns and report to senior stakeholders. You can also use the insights to influence your future campaigns.

We can customise the format for each user so that different teams see the data that matters to them, in a way they can interpret. View our DSA data visualisation project.

Data visualisation enables you to:

  • analyse live data on your campaign performance
  • report on business activity to your senior management team
  • adjust budgets and creatives to optimise campaign performance
  • make decisions based on evidence
  • test different approaches
  • see patterns and trends
  • consider the impact of external factors on your campaign, such as weather
  • gather rich insights to use in future campaigns.

Want to find out more about how big data can transform your business? We brought together a team of experts at our Datamunch event to demystify what using data means and share how impactful the outcomes can be.

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